Where To Get Free Money Orders- 9 Secret Locations In 2024

You can get free money orders from Amscot, PLS, Moneytree, and some Banks. 

Money orders are a convenient way for sending money without a bank account. However, most money order issuers will charge you a small fee. But where to get free money orders? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this post on where to get free money orders, I will talk about some of the places to get money orders for free. Moreover, I will also include their requirements, limits and locations. So, stay with me till the end. 

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Are Money Orders Free?

Where To Get Free Money Orders

Unfortunately, most money orders are not free. However, a few retailers issue money orders for free.

Money orders are largely issued by a few entities such as Western Union, MoneyGram, and USPS. While USPS only sells money orders from post offices, Western Union and MoneyGram appoint agents and build partnerships with retailers to sell money orders. These retailers charge a fee for selling money orders which you pay. 

The fees for money orders range between $0.50 to $1.80. For example, USPS charges a $1.50 fee for purchasing money orders but there is no fee for cashing it. On the other hand, Western Union and MoneyGram money orders will require both purchasing and cashing fees. Moreover, if you lose the money order or it gets stolen then you need to pay a processing fee too. 

On the contrary, 2-3 retailers sell money orders completely free. But there will be cashing fees. So, almost no one offers money orders completely free. But what about banks? 

Do Banks Give Free Money Orders?

Yes, a few banks offer free money orders only to certain account holders while most banks do not even issue money orders. But most banks will let their customers deposit a money order for free. 

Money orders are a secure way to send money to people who do not have a bank account or don’t prefer online transfers. Although, most banks do not even issue money orders. But a few do sell money orders to both customers and non-cutomers.  The fees for money orders from banks are usually as high as $5.00. 

However, these banks sell money orders for free to certain checking account holders while depositing money orders is completely free.   So, where to get free money orders near me? 

Where To Get Free Money Orders

In the below chart, we will find out 9 of the places that sell money orders for free. I will also include their requirements, limits, cashing fess and locations. 

NameRequirementsLimitCashing FeesLocations
PLSGovt. Verified ID$1,000$1.00PLS Near Me
AmscotGovt. Verified ID$1,0001.5% of the money orderAmscot Near Me
MoneytreeGovt. Verified ID$1,000Varies by locationMoneytree Near Me
Chase BankChase Premier Plus Checking account holders only$1,000FreeChase Bank Near me
TD BankTD Sixty Plus Checking, TD Premier, and, Elite Savings account holders only$1,000FreeTD Bank Near Me
U.S. BankPremium/Platinum Checking account holders only $1,000FreeU.S. Bank Near me
Citizens Bank Premium Checking Account Holders $1,000FreeCitizens Bank Near me
CitibankCiti Priority and Citigold Account holders only  $1,000FreeCitibank Near Me
Wells FargoPrime Checking Account$1,000FreeWells Fargo Near Me

All of these institutions sell free money orders near me. However, apart from the banks all of them charge a fee for cashing them. The money order cashing fees will vary depending on your location. 

Where To Get Free Money Orders Online?

You can not get free money orders online. Because no money order issuer sells money orders online. 

Money orders are non-negotiable documents. So, if it gets lost and anyone with the correct receiver details shows it at a bank counter then the bank must honor it. That’s why most financial institutions do not sell money orders online. As there is a chance of getting the money order lost or stolen. 

However, if you have a bank account and your bank offers money orders then you can get an appointment online for a money order at some bank. But you must receive the money order in person. 

By now we have found out most of the places Where To Get Free Money Orders. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Where Can I Cash An Amscot Money Order?

You can cash Amscot money orders at all Amscot stores. It will cost you a 1.5% fee for cashing them. In case, you want to cash the money order for free then you can deposit the money order into your bank account. Just make sure your bank accepts Amscot money orders beforehand. 

Are Money Orders Free at USPS?

No, you need to pay a fee ranging between $1.5 to $2.30 for purchasing money orders at USPS. However, if you want to cash a USPS money order then you can cash them for free at any post office within the United States. 

Is It Free To Make A Money Order?

No, Money order issuers also have to pay for location, licensing costs, operational costs money transfer costs. So, issuing money orders is not completely free. 

In Summary 

Free money orders are only offered by a few reputable retailers and banks. Moreover, Banks put a pre-requisite to get free money orders. If you need to send a lot of money orders then you can contact any of the above money order issuers and get free money orders. On the other hand, avoid lesser known money order issuers even if they offer it for free. Because those money orders can be quite hard to cash.

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