HEB Money Order- Requirements, Fees, Limit and Hours In 2024

HEB sells and cashes money orders for a small fee at all of their locations. HEB money order is issued by Western Union. 

If you are looking for a place to get a Western Union money order at the cheapest fees, HEB can be an ideal choice. Because HEB money order has one of the lowest price and high limit. So, how can I get a HEB money order?

Well, we are about to find out. In this post on HEB money order, I will talk about its requirements, fees, limits, hours, refund policy, and everything related to it. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

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Can You get a Money Order at HEB?

HEB Money Order

Yes, you can get a money order at HEB. They are partnered with Western Union to sell and cash money orders. 

HEB is one of the most popular supermarket chains in Texas and New Mexico. They are renowned for their affordable prices and fresh groceries. They also sell packaged foods, medicine, and prepared foods. Apart from their food business, HEB also provides financial services. 

HEB financial services include check cashing, bill pay, online transfers. and pickup via Western Union and Money orders. HEB both sells and cash money orders at one of the cheapest prices.

Usually, they sell money orders at the HEB customer service desk. But some HEB stores even have money order kisoks. Moreover, as HEB money orders are Western Union issued so they are widely accepted by businesses and individuals. 

So, what are the HEB money order policies? 

HEB Money Order Requirements 

As HEB money orders are issued by Western Union, the HEB money order policies are somewhat similar. Here are some of the requirements and policies for HEB money order 

  • Only individuals above 18 or older can purchase or cash money orders. 
  • For both purchasing and cashing, You will require a government-verified ID such as a passport, Driver’s license, or state ID. 
  • You will also need to submit your SSN number if you purchase money orders exceeding $3,000.
  • The price of a money order might slightly vary depending on your location.  
  • Lost, stolen, damaged or uncashed money orders can be refunded through Western Union. 
  • A refund will take 30-60 days and a standard non-refundable processing fee will be applied. 
  • Money orders can be tracked via Western Union automated numbers. 
  • Only the money order purchaser can request a refund or reissue the money order. 

Now that we know HEB money order policies let’s look at how to get HEB money orders. 

How To Get HEB Money Order 

Here is how you can easily get HEB money orders

  • Find your nearest HEB location and go to the customer services desk. 
  • Show your ID and ask the store staff for a money order. 
  • Pay for the money order with cash or debit card. 
  • Then fill out the money order by writing the recipient’s name, your address, and purpose and sign the money order. 
  • Lastly, let the store staff issue your money order then receive it and preserve the money order along with the purchase receipt. 

Filling out a HEB money order is the same as filling out a Western Union money order. 

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HEB Money Order Fee

HEB has a fixed $0.69 fee for purchasing money orders. Compared to other Western Union agent locations it is quite cheap. In fact, it’s one of the lowest fees for Western Union money orders. However, this fee might vary depending on the store location. 

On the other hand, HEB only cash Western Union money orders. The money order cashing fee at HEB can be a bit higher. It can be as high as $3.00. However, in some locations, the fees for cashing Western Union money orders is much lower. So, be sure to contact your nearest HEB store to find out. 

H-E-B Money Order Limit

H-E-B money center has the highest $1,000 limit for money orders. However, you have the option to purchase multiple money orders from them. But it’s not specified how many money orders you can get from them. It can vary depending on the location. 

H-E-B Money Orders Hours

Although, most HEB stores remain open from 7 AM to 9 PM. But to get money orders you need to go during H-E-B business centre hours which is 8 AM to 6 PM. Usually, any HEB customer services desk remains open during this hour. So, you can purchase a HEB money order between 8 AM to 6 PM. 

However, HEB business center hours vary depending on location. For example, at some busy locations, HEB customer services desk remains open till 8 PM. 

By now we have found most of the information regarding HEB money order. Now, let’s look at some of the relevant questions. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Can you get HEB Money Order Online?

No, you can not get HEB money orders online. HEB does have an online delivery system for foods and other products but you can’t get any financial services from HEB online. So, you need to go to a HEB store to get a money order.

Can you get a H-E-B money order refund?

Yes, you can get a H-E-B money order refund. However, you need to get it through Western Union. Because HEB sells Western Union money orders. You need to fill out the refund form and pay a $18.0 processing fee for the refund. 

How do I fill out a HEB money order?

You need to write the recipient’s name in the “Pay in the order of” section. Then write the purpose in ACCT. After that write your address in the purchaser address section. Lastly, sign the money order. 

In Summary 

HEB money order is great for both personal and business usage. Because they are one of the most affordable money orders and you can cash it anywhere. Moreover, the HEB money order limit is also high. So, you can get a HEB money order without worrying.

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