About Us

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Who We Are

Personal Finance Whizz, is a Missouri-based publisher led by young enthusiast financial advisors. The team behind personal finance whizz tries to simplify difficult financial terms for general people. But why are we doing this?

Our Goals

Though we work in finance, the reason behind this blog is not money-making. The reason behind this blog roots back to my past.

At the time of the 2008 financial crisis, almost all the people behind this blog were in their teenage years.  We were from different backgrounds and even different states. Yet we all have something in common. That is the 2008 financial crisis took everything from us. Some of us lost our beloved homes, some of us lost our entire families’ savings and some of our family members lost their jobs. Because most of our parents did not have proper financial literacy.

This is what led us to choose a career in finance. But most importantly, the 2008 crisis led us to create this blog. But why are we creating this blog almost 13 years later?

Well, as I have already mentioned, at the time of the crisis we were too young and did not have proper financial knowledge. So, we held ourselves for 12 years. In the meantime, almost all of us completed our college graduation and gained real-life knowledge in finance by working for different companies. So, now we are ready to help as many people as possible. Because we do not want regular American citizens to suffer from another financial crisis as we suffered back in 2008.  So, we have 3 simple goals. They are

1. Help regular people gain financial literacy by answering personal finance queries.

2. Simplify difficult financial terms so that no one gets bluffed by giant financial companies.

3. Lastly, we want to teach people ways to have financial freedom without giving up on their dreams.

This is why we love to call ourselves Your Personal Finance Wizard“. Like wizards in fairy tales, we also want to make your financial life better by bringing financial literacy into your life.  So, what are we offering?

Our Sevices 

Personal Finance Whizz does not offer any kind of financial solutions/services/products/advice.

This website is only created for educational and non-profit purposes. So, we suggest only books and other tools for learning.

At PFWhizz, we suggest from a neutral perspective. So, all the books and tools suggested here are non-biased.

The Team

Currently, I am handling this website solo with our website developer & administrator. However, we are looking for fresh talent

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Bryan William

Former Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo,

Chief Content Strategist and Writer of Pfwhizz.


Shoumik Anoy

Web developer & Administrator


So, until now that’s all we have about Personal Finance Whizz. We try to remain as transparent about ourselves as possible. So, we will keep you guys updated about our journey from time to time.

Lastly, if you have the right skills to join and contribute then Contact Us with your resume.