Citibank Money Order- A Comprehensive Guideline In 2024

You can get a Citibank Money order from any branch within the United States. It might cost you a flat fee depending on whether you are an account holder or not.  

Thinking about purchasing a money order from Citibank? But don’t know anything about Citibank money order?

Well, I have got your back. In this post on Citibank money orders, I will talk about how to get money orders from Citibank, How to fill out and cash it out along with the fees, limits, and hours. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me.  

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Does Citibank Provide Money Orders?

Citibank Money Order

Yes, Citibank does provide money orders. You can purchase both domestic and international money orders at any Citibank branch within the United States.

With 723 branches, Citibank is one of the largest banks in the United States. Apart from providing various banking services Citibank also sells cashier’s checks, certified checks, and money orders. They sell both domestic and international money orders. 

Moreover, Citibank also sells money orders to customers and non-customers. For some selected types of accounts, the money order is free. But others have to pay a flat fee to purchase money orders from Citibank. 

Furthermore, Citibank money orders are widely accepted by banks, financial institutions, and businesses. So, what are the Citibank money order requirements? 

Citibank Money Order Requirements

Here are the requirements to purchase a money order at Citibank

  • You must have a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • The recipient’s name or business name must match the ID.  Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to cash.
  • You must have the funds available with you along with the fees while purchasing the money order.

These are the must-have requirements for a Citibank money order. Apart from these, some Branches might only sell money orders to customers only. So, before you go to purchase one from Citibank as a non-customer please call them beforehand. 

How to Get a Citibank Money Order

Here is how you can get a Citibank money order

  • First, locate your nearest Citibank branch and go there with a government ID. 
  • Show your ID and ask a teller for a money order mentioning the amount. 
  • Then fill out the money order carefully. 
  • After that pay the money order amount along with the fee. 
  • Lastly, let the teller check the details and issue the money order. 

If you do everything right then it’s very easy to get a money order from Citibank. But how do you fill out a Citibank money order? 

How to Fill Out a Money Order Citibank?

Filling out money orders from Citibank is quite similar to MoneyGram. You just need to correctly fill out the recipient’s name, and your address and sign the money order. Here is how you can do it: 

  • Immediately after getting the money order, please write the recipient’s name correctly in the “Pay in the order of section”. It’s located at the first line. 
  • Then at the second right corner, there is the “Purchaser signature”. Sign there. 
  • Lastly, there is the “Purchaser address” just at the bottom of the Purchaser Signature. Write your address there matching your ID. 

Keep in mind that the signature section on the backside is reserved for recipients only. So, please don’t sign there. But how much does a money order cost at Citibank? 

Citibank Money Order Fee

Citibank has a flat fee on money orders no matter what the amount is. For some selected account holders the money order is free. Here is a chart containing different money order fees for different customer types 

Account TypeFees
Non-Account Holders $5.00
Citi Priority Account $0
Citigold Account $0
All other types of Accounts $5.00

Now that we know How much is a money order Citibank, let’s look at how to track money orders from Citibank. But what about limits? 

Citibank Money Order Limit 

Citibank has a maximum limit as any other money order issuer. They have a $1,000.00 max limit for domestic money orders and a $700.00 max limit for foreign money orders. However, like others, Citibank does not limit how many money orders you can get at a time. But as per regulations they have to report to the IRS if you purchase money orders totalling $10,000.00 or more. 

On the other hand, they do not issue foreign money orders exceeding $700.00. Moreover, before getting a foreign money order you need to make sure the recipient’s country has a Citibank branch. 

Citibank Money Order Status

Unfortunately, Citibank doesn’t have any portal to track money orders online for non-customers. However, customers can track their money orders by logging into their account. 

In case you are a non-customer then you need to call the Citibank money order number to track your money order status. Here is the Citibank money order number 

1-800-266-2400. It’s toll-free and in service from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday. 

You can call this number and tell the money order serial number to easily find the status of the money order. So, How Do You Make Citibank Money Order Deposit?

How to Make Citibank Money Order Deposit

Making a Citibank money order deposit is quite straightforward.  For all customers it’s free. However, for non-customers, there is a fee that varies depending on the branch. But it’s mostly $5.00. Here is how you can deposit a money order at Citibank.

  • Go to a bank branch and inform a teller you want to deposit a money order. 
  • Show the money order along with your ID. 
  • Let the teller verify the money order. 
  • Pay out the fees if any. 
  • Lastly, if you have a bank account then tell your bank account number or take cash for the money order. 

Keep in mind that it will take some hours or even days for the money to get added to your account. 

By now we have found out most of the information regarding Citibank money order. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Do Banks have Money Orders?

Yes, banks do offer money orders. However, there are only a few banks that offer money orders. Moreover, money orders offered by banks are expensive and are not widely recognized so they are not widely accepted either.  

How much is a cashier’s check at Citibank?

Cashier’s checks at Citibank cost around $10.00. Fees can vary depending on whether you are a customer or not and your account type. However, it’s free for Citi Priority and Citi Gold customers. 

Can You Get a Citibank Money Order Online?

No, you can not get Citibank money orders online. However, some customers can book a money order online and then pick it up from the nearest Citibank location.

In Summary 

Getting a Citibank money order is not as complicated as others. However, for non-customers, they can be quite expensive. So, only get a Citi bank money order if you are a priority or gold customer.  

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