What Is Cash Stuffing?-Tik-Tok Trend that Actually works in 2024

What Is Cash Stuffing

Cash Stuffing is the process of keeping your monthly expenses in envelopes according to your spending categories. This budgeting method promotes cash instead of debit or credit cards.  A few months back I found out about the gen z cash-stuffing trend on Tik Tok. I thought of it as another illogical trend. But little did … Read more

60 30 10 Rule Budget- The Get Rich Quick Budget In 2024

60 30 10 Rule Budget

With a 60 30 10 rule budget, you have to use 60% of your take-home income on savings, invest or pay off debt, 30% for your regular needs, and 10% on wants. In a hurry?Listen to this audio summary Financial hardships can come to anyone. As a financial advisor, I am not excluded. However, 60 … Read more