US Bank Money Order- In Depth Guideline In 2024

You can get a US Bank money order from any of their branch within the United States. They charge a small fee for money orders from both their customers and non-customers. 

If you are in need of a money order issued by a bank then a US bank money order can be a good option. But how do you get a money order from US Bank? 

Well, we are about to find out. Because in this post on US Bank Money Order, I will talk about how to fill out and get a money order from US Bank, the fees, limits, and requirements. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me. 

Find out What’s the difference in a money order and cashier’s check?

Does US Bank Provide Money Orders?

us bank money order

Yes, U.S. Bank provides personal money orders at all of their branches in the United States.  

With over 3,649 branches, US Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. They offer various financial products and services. Apart from their banking services, US Bank also issues Money orders and Cashier’s checks. 

However, US Bank money orders are personal in nature. This means you can only use US Bank money orders for personal purposes. You can not use them to pay a bill to any business or write it in a Business name. 

US Bank issues money orders for both customers and non-customers too. Their money orders can be cashed at most financial institutions. So, what are the money order policies for US Bank?

US Bank Money Order Policies 

Here are the policies and requirements for US Bank money orders 

  • You will require a government-issued ID to purchase a Money order. 
  • The recipient’s name on the Money order must match his/her ID name. 
  • US bank money orders can only be written to persons. 
  • Money orders can be purchased with cash, a check, or a debit card.
  • A single person can get multiple money orders at the same time.
  • You are required to get an appointment for a money order purchase.  
  • A processing fee is applicable for purchasing a money order.  
  • Money orders can be cashed at any bank or financial institution.
  • Unused money orders can be refunded if there is no sign or alteration.
  • Lost or stolen money orders might be replaced with a fee. 

These are the requirements and policies for the US bank money order. Now let’s look at how you get a Money order from US Bank. 

How to Get a US Bank Money Order

Getting a US bank Money order is quite straightforward. Here is how you can get a US Bank money order 

  • Call and get an appointment before going to a branch to purchase money orders. 
  • Go to the branch, and inform a teller about your appointment. 
  • Then show your ID, mention your money order amount, and ask for a money order form. 
  • Fill out the money order form carefully. 
  • Pay the money order amount along with the fee. 
  • Let the teller issue your money order. 

After the money order is issued, you must keep the money order purchase slip until the money order is cashed. But how do you fill out a Money Order by US Bank?How To Fill Out a US Bank Money Order 

How To Fill Out a US Bank Money Order 

Filling out a US Bank money order is similar to filling a USPS money order. Here is how you can fill a US Bank money order 

  • First fill out the recipient name in the “Pay in the order of section”. 
  • Then just beside the recipient name there is the purchaser name section. Write your name there. 
  • In the second line there write the recipient address. Write your address in the purchaser address section.
  • Just below the recipient address there is the memo section. Write a short description of the purpose of the money order. 
  • Lastly, sign your name in the purchaser section.

Be very cautious while writing the recipient details. Because spelling mistakes might make the money order not cashable. Now let’s find out how much is a money order at US Bank?

US Bank Money Order Fee

The US Bank Money order fee is $5.00 no matter what the amount of the money order is. The fee is applicable for both customers and non-customers. However, fees might vary depending on the branch you are purchasing it from. But in almost all branches the fee is a maximum $5.00. But what is the US bank money order limit?

US Bank Money Order Limit

US Bank has a maximum limit of $1,000.00 for personal money orders.  However, there is no limit to how many money orders you can get at a time. But as per regulations they have to report to the IRS if you purchase money orders totalling $10,000.00 or more. 

So, if you need money orders for more than a $1,000.00 you can get multiple money orders without any issues. But how to do a Us bank money order tracking? 

US Bank Money Order Tracking

There is no online portal for US Bank money order tracking. However, customers and non-customers can track a money order both by calling or by going to a branch. 

Here is the required information for US Bank money order tracking 

  • Purchaser’s name
  • Issue date
  • Serial number
  • Amount
  • Payee name
  • Branch location or state where the item was purchased. 

All of this information is available on the money order purchase slip. So, please preserve the money order purchase slip or note this information. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track or refund a money order from US Bank. But which one is the US bank money order phone number?

US Bank Money Order Phone Number

The US Bank money order phone number is +800-872-2657. You can call this number any day except Sunday and report your issue. This number can be used for both booking your appointment and tracking your money order. 

Moreover, you can also use this number to find out your nearest US Bank branch and request a refund. But how do you make a US bank money order deposit? 

US Bank Money Order Deposit

Here is how you can deposit a money order at the US Bank.

  • Go to your nearest US bank branch and inform a teller you want to deposit your money order. 
  • The teller will ask you whether you want cash or deposit it into your account. Choose your preferred option.
  • Then Show the money order along with your ID. 
  • Pay out the fees if any. 
  • Lastly, collect your money.

You can also deposit the money order at any bank you prefer. Moreover, if you are not an account holder of US Bank then there might be a fee for cashing the money order. 

By now we have found almost all the required information for US Bank money orders. Now let’s look at some of the relevant questions. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about US Bank money order. 

Can You get a US bank money order online?

No, you can not get a US Bank money order online. However, both customers and non-customers can book an appointment online to get a US Bank money order. 

Where is the US bank money order number?

US Bank money order number is situated at the top left corner of the money order. Please, note the number immediately after getting your money order. 

How much is a fee for a money order?

The fees for a money order varies depending on who issued the money order. You can get the cheapest money order from USPS or Western Union and MoneyGram agents. They sell money orders for a $0.88-$2.5 fee. On the other hand, banks are the most expensive. They sell money orders for a $5 fee. 

In Summary 

US Bank money orders are quite versatile and easy to get. At the same time they are quite expensive too. So, only get money orders from US Bank if it’s your only option.

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