How To Verify A Cashier’s Check-Detailed Guideline In 2024

To verify a cashier’s check- look for watermarks or microprint, call or visit the issuing bank to find out. You can also look for typos to detect fake checks. 

Cashier’s checks are one of the most secure ways to receive large payments without a bank account. However, there can be counterfeit cashier’s checks. So, How to verify a cashier’s check?  

Well, we are about to find out. In this post, I will provide an in-depth guideline on How to verify a cashier’s check. Moreover, I will also answer all the relevant queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

Find out How to cash a cashier’s check 

How to Verify a Cashier’s Check

How To Verify A Cashier's Check

Verifying a cashier’s check can be a straightforward process if you are careful. Here are 3 simple steps to verify a cashier’s check before receiving 

Examine Special Features 

The easiest way to verify a cashier’s check is by looking for special features. Almost all the banks that issue cashier’s checks include at least one special feature in their check. It can be a multi-color watermark, heat-sensitive ink, or invisible ink mark. 

Here is how you can look for special features in a cashier’s check

  • First, find out the check issuing banks special features by looking up on the internet. 
  • Then place the check against a light source and you will find if it has multicolored watermarks or invisible signs. 
  • Lastly, if the check has a heat-sensitive ink then tap your finger on the ink and it will change color for some time. 

In case you don’t find any special signs on the cashier’s check then there is a high chance of it being a fake. Because every bank adds at least one special feature to their cashier’s check. 

Look for Inconsistency 

Fake or counterfeit cashier’s checks always have some sort of inconsistency in it. It can be a simple spelling mistake or it can be different color prints at different letters. 

So, always look carefully at the check to find inconsistencies. You should specifically look at the amount box of the check. Because some scammers buy an original cashier’s check for a smaller amount and change it to a larger amount. 

On the other hand, paying extra or too good to be true deals can also be a red flag. 

Lastly, never receive a cashier’s check in other currencies. Because in the United States, Banks will only cash cashier’s checks which are in US dollars. 

Call or Visit the Check Issuing Bank

The most effective way of verifying a cashier’s check is to call or visit the check-issuing bank. By this, you will surely find out if the check is real or not. 

If you don’t find a nearby branch of the check issuing bank then call and provide the following information 

  • The check number 
  • Check issue date
  • Check amount 
  • Payer’s name

When you provide the details, a bank representative will check their records and tell you if the check is authentic or not. 

Now let’s look at How to verify a cashier’s check online

How to Verify a Cashier’s Check Online

Unfortunately, you can not verify a cashier’s check online at any bank. 

Like money orders, there is no online tracking system for cashier’s checks. As a result, you can not just enter the check number, amount, and purchase date to find the status of the check as well as find out if it’s real or not. So, it’s not possible to verify a cashier’s check online. 

However, you can find special signs or marks or a cashier’s check from a specific bank by searching on the internet. You can use the information to verify a check. That’s the most you can do to verify a cashier’s check online. 

By now we have found out How can I verify if a cashier’s check is real. Now let’s look at some of the related questions. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

What does a Real Cashier’s Check Look like?

The design of a real cashier’s check depends on the check issuing bank. As different banks have different designs for cashier’s checks. However, a cashier’s check looks similar to regular personal or business checks. 

The only difference is information on the cashier’s check is mostly printed and there should be additional watermarks or special signs. 

How can You Trace a Cashier’s Check?

It’s not possible to trace a cashier’s check. There are no online or in-call services by banks to provide the status of a cashier’s check. So, you can not trace or find out if your cashier’s check has been cashed or not. 

How to Verify a Cashier’s Check Chase

To verify a cashier’s check by Chase Bank you either need to visit a Chase branch or Contact Chase Bank. For your convenience, here is the Chase Bank number 1-800-935-9935. Call this number and provide the check details to verify the cashier’s check.

Can a Cashier’s Check be Cancelled after Deposited?

No, a cashier’s check can not be canceled after it is deposited. A cashier’s check is non-negotiable so it can not be canceled under any circumstances. Moreover, m, by federal law banks should release the funds of a cashier’s check within 1 day.

How can I verify a check online?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to verify any checks online by an individual. Only financial institutions or money services stores can verify checks online using custom software. 

In Summary 

Verifying a cashier’s check is not that difficult of a task. You just need to carefully look for special features or call the issuing bank. So, always verify a cashier’s check before receiving it. 

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