Renting When Retired-Ultimate Guide To Enjoy Retirement In 2024

Renting When Retired

Renting when retired gives you flexibility, convenience, and liquidity while saving you a lot on mortgage payments, property insurance, property tax, and maintenance cost.  In a hurry?Listen to this audio summary Owning a home in retirement might seem a better option to most than renting when retired. However, retirement brings both lifestyle and financial changes. … Read more

Money Purchase Pension Plan- In-Depth Guideline In 2024

Money Purchase Pension Plan

The Money Purchase Pension Plan is an employer-sponsored defined contribution pension plan. It’s a tax-deferred plan and you will have guaranteed retirement income.  Joined a company that offers Money Purchase Pension Plan?  Then this post is entirely for you. Because in this in-depth guideline on the money purchase plan, I am going to cover what … Read more

Can You Make Money On Twitch?-Earn While Gaming In 2024

Can You Make Money On Twitch

Yes, it’s possible to make money on twitch by being a partner or an affiliate. Moreover, you can also earn by getting Patreon subscribers and selling merchandise on twitch.   If you are a gamer then you must have heard, “Gaming won’t bring you any money?”  Well, it’s time to prove them wrong. Because you can … Read more

What Is Cash Stuffing?-Tik-Tok Trend that Actually works in 2024

What Is Cash Stuffing

Cash Stuffing is the process of keeping your monthly expenses in envelopes according to your spending categories. This budgeting method promotes cash instead of debit or credit cards.  A few months back I found out about the gen z cash-stuffing trend on Tik Tok. I thought of it as another illogical trend. But little did … Read more

How Much Social Security Will I Get If I Only Worked 10 Years?

How Much Social Security Will I Get If I Only Worked 10 Years

You will get a minimum social security benefit if you have earned 40 social security credits in 10 years. However, it’s hard to tell an exact number as social security benefits are calculated based on your highest 35 years of income.  Social security benefits are a great inflation-adjusted social insurance system for retirees. However, it … Read more

Retiring With A Pension And Social Security-Things You Must Know In 2024

Retiring With A Pension And Social Security

In case you are retiring with a pension and social security only then you must consider whether you can receive both or not, will you get full social security or not, can WEP affect your social security, will your pension reduce social security benefits, and many more.   Retiring with a pension and social security only? … Read more