TD Bank Money Order- Everything You Need To Know In 2024

You can get a TD Bank money order from any branch within the United States. They charge a small processing fee for money orders.   

In case you need multiple money orders at the same time then TD Bank money order can be a good choice. Because they have no limit on how many money orders can you get at a time. But How do you get a TD Bank Money order? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this post on TD Bank money order, I will talk about how to fill out and get a TD Bank money order, its fees, limits, and requirements. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay tuned.  

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Can I Get A Money Order From TD Bank?

TD bank money order

Yes, you can get a personal money order from TD Bank. 

With over 1668 locations, TD Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. They offer banking services to both individuals and businesses. Apart from their individual banking services they also offer money orders and cashier’s checks to their customers.

However, their money orders are personal in nature. So, they can not be issued for businesses. As a result, you can not use them to pay bills. But you can easily use them to pay your rent or friends and family. So, what are the policies and requirements for TD Bank Money orders? 

TD Bank Money Order Requirements

Here are the policies and requirements for TD Bank money orders 

  • A government-issued ID such as a driving licence, or passport is a must to purchase a Money order. 
  • The recipient’s name and address on the Money order must match his/her ID name. 
  • Some TD Bank branches only issue money orders to customers. 
  • TD Bank money orders can only be written to persons. 
  • A processing fee is applicable for purchasing a money order.  
  • Customers can purchase money orders with cash, debit cards, checks, or money withdrawn from their accounts.
  • Non-customers can purchase Money orders only with cash.
  • Most TD bank branches don’t cash money orders.
  • Unused money orders can be refunded if there is no sign or alteration.
  • Lost or stolen money orders might be replaced with a fee. 

As some TD Bank branches don’t sell money orders to non-customers you should call before going to a branch for money orders. So, how to get a money order TD bank? 

How To Get A TD Bank Money Order

TD Bank money orders are fairly easy to get. Here is how you can get one

  • Go to your nearest TD Bank branch.
  • Instruct the teller that you would like to purchase a money order
  • Complete the money order form. You will need to provide the payee’s personal details and yours.
  • Choose your payment method and pay for the money order along with the money order. 
  • Lastly, the teller will issue the money order and give it to you. 

Please Keep your money order and purchase slip in a safe place until it is cashed. But how do you fill out a TD Bank Money order? 

How do You Fill Out a TD Bank Money Order? 

Filling out a TD bank money order is quite similar to filling out a MoneyGram. Here is how you can fill out a TD Bank Money order 

  • First, write the name of the recipient at the “Pay in the order of section.”
  • Then sign your name in the “Purchaser Signature” section.
  • In the last line or Purchaser address section write your address. 

Please don’t sign your name on the back page of the money order. It’s specifically reserved for the recipient. But what about TD Bank money order fees?

TD Bank Money Order Fee

TD Bank money order fees depend on whether you have an account or not and what type of account you have. Here is a chart for TD Bank money order fees for different accounts 

Account TypeFees
TD Premier Checking Account0
Relationship Checking Account0
60 Plus Checking Account0
All other Accounts $5.00
Non- Account Holders$5.00

Usually, these fees are applicable to all branches. However, some branches might charge up to $10.00 for non-account holders. But what about TD Bank money order limit? 

TD Bank Money Order Limit

You can get money orders from TD Bank ranging from $1.00-$1,000.00. However, there is no limit to how many money orders you can get in one day. So, you can easily surpass the $1,000.00 limit by getting multiple money orders. 

Keep in mind that by law TD Bank is bound to report to the IRS if you get money orders totalling $10,000.00 or more. So, what about TD Bank money order tracking? 

TD Bank Money Order Tracking

Unfortunately, TD Bank doesn’t have an online portal for money order tracking. However, you can track money orders by calling the TD Bank helpline or going to a physical branch. 

To Track the money orders you need to provide some information such as 

  • Money order serial number
  • Exact Amount
  • Recipient Name and address 
  • Issue Date 
  • Issuing Branch 

All of this information is available on the money order purchase slip. Just call the TD Bank Money order number which is 1-888-751-9000 and find out your money order status. This number is operational 24/7.  So how do you make a TD Bank money order deposit? 

TD Bank Money Order deposit 

Depositing a TD bank money order is not as easy as getting them. Because only a handful of TD Bank branches allow money order deposits. Moreover, these branches only accept deposits from customers only. However, there is no fee for money order deposits from customers. 

On the other hand, most TD Bank branches do not cash money orders issued by TD Bank from non-customers. But some accept it for a $10.00 check cashing fee. 

By now we have found out all the required information for TD Bank Money Order. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. So, please call them before you go out for a deposit. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

How Long Does It Take a Money Order Deposit to Clear at TD Bank? 

Usually, TD Bank does not allow money order deposits even from their customers. However, some branches do accept it from customers and non-customers too. If you are depositing it to your account then it should be added to your account within a few hours. On the other hand, if you prefer cash then you will get it immediately after verifying the money order. 

Can I Get a TD Bank Money Order Online?

No, you can not get a TD Bank money order online. To get a TD bank money order you must visit a physical branch with your ID card. TD Bank does not even allow online tracking for money orders. 

How Much Does TD Bank Charge for a Cashier’s Check?

TD Bank charges a $10.00 fee for money orders. Keep in mind that this is applicable to TD Bank customers only. Because they only sell cashier’s checks to customers. For TD Premier Checking Account and Relationship Checking Account, there are no fees. 

In Summary

Although, getting a TD Bank money order is straightforward. However, they are expensive and do not even cash money orders at all their branches. So, avoid TD Bank money orders unless you have a TD Bank checking account. 

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