Does Chase Do Money Orders In 2024

Yes, Chase sells and cash money orders at all of its branches in the United States. Fees may vary depending on your account type. 

In case, you need a money order and have a Chase bank account then you might be wondering, Does Chase do money orders?

Well, We are about to find out. In this post, I will answer does Chase do money orders? I will also include their requirements for money orders, how to get money orders, their fees, and limits for money orders. So, stick around. 

Let’s start with, Can I get a money order from Chase?

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Does Chase Do Money Orders 

does chase do money orders

Yes, Chase issues and cash money orders for a fee at all of its locations across the United States. 

Money orders are a secure way to send money to people who do not have a bank account. As they are guaranteed by the issuer, there is no chance of bouncing. But they are mainly issued by post office and money service companies like Western Union and money order. Banks usually do not issue money orders. 

However, Chase is one of the few US banks that issue money orders to both customers and non-customers. Chase money order fees vary depending on the type of checking account you have or do not have an account on Chase. 

Once you have purchased their money order, you can give it to the payee. The payee can then cash the money order at any Chase Branch or other banks that accept it. Keep in mind that like other popular money orders, Chase money orders might not be cashed at grocery stores and gas stations. But Does Chase do money orders online?  

Does Chase Do Money Orders Online?

No, Chase does not sell money orders online. However, if you are a Chase customer then you might be able to deposit the money order online. 

Money orders are sensitive financial products. You need to be super careful while purchasing one. Because even simple spelling mistakes can cost you a lot. Moreover, if you order it online the money order can get lost while shipping. 

This is why almost no financial institution offers online money orders. That includes Chase Bank too. So, if you want a Chase money order then you need to go to a Chase location physically and get one. But what do I need for a Chase money order?

What Do I Need for a Chase Money Order?

The requirements for a Chase money order are not much. You just require 2 things. They are

  1. A Valid Government Issued ID. 
  2. The money order amount along with the fees. 

Chase accepts the following IDs

  • Driving License 
  • State ID Card
  • Passport
  • Military ID 

However, if you have a Chase bank account then you might not need an ID. But it’s best if you keep an ID with you. 

Moreover, you should also keep a copy or photo of the recipient’s ID and write the recipient’s name according to his/her ID. Because when cashing a Chase money order the recipient’s name must match with the ID. But how much is a money order at Chase Bank?

Chase Bank Money Order Fee

Chase bank charges a flat fee for their money order no matter the amount. Usually, the fee is either $0 or $5. Because the money order fee is different for different types of account holders and non-account holders. 

According to the Chase Money Order Page, here is a chart for money order fees at the Chase Bank 

Account TypeFees
Non-Account Holders $5
Personal Checking Accounts$0
Chase Secure Checking account$0
Chase Premier Plus Checking account$0
Chase High School Checking account$5
Chase College Checking account$5
Chase Total Checking account$5

Moreover, if you are a non-account holder then some Chase branches might not sell Chase money orders to you. So, please contact a branch before going there to get a money order.  

So, we have found out How much are money orders at Chase? But what about the limit? 

Chase Bank Money Order Limit

Chase Bank issues money orders up to $1,000. You can not get a money order higher than $1,000 at Chase Bank. The fee is similar for almost all the money orders no matter the amount. However, you have the option to purchase multiple money orders at the same time. 

How To Get a Money Order From Chase

Here is how To get a money order from Chase

  • Go to your nearest Chase branch.
  • Instruct the teller how much money order you want, and they will give you a form.
  • Fill out the money order form, including the payee’s name, address, your name, and the amount of the money order.
  • Show a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or state ID.
  • Pay the money order amount along with the fee.
  • Lastly, the teller will print your money order and hand it over along with a purchase slip. 

Keep in mind that you must go to the branch during banking hours. As they sell money orders only during banking hours only. 

By now we have found the answers to does chase do money orders? Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Can I get a money order or cashier’s check at Chase Bank?

Yes, you can get both money orders and cashier’s checks at the Chase Bank. These services might be free if have a certain type of account at Chase Bank. 

Does Chase Bank Sell International Money Orders?

Yes, Chase Bank sells international money orders within the United States. However, not all of its branches have this service. So, call a branch beforehand if you need international money orders.  

Can I Get a money order at Chase with a Credit Card? 

No, you can not get a money order at Chase Bank with a credit card directly. Even if you have a Chase credit card. You either need to pay in cash or with a debit card. You can also use your Chase bank account balance to purchase a money order.  

In Summary

Although, Chase money orders are easy to get. However, they can be 5 times more expensive if you are not an account holder. Moreover, cashing them at retail stores is also not possible. So, you should only get a Chase money order if you are an account holder and eligible for free money orders. 

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