Cash Handwritten Checks Instantly In 2024

To cash handwritten checks go to a bank, credit union, check cashing store or a retail shop then endorse the check and submit it. After verification, you will get the check fund.  

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Nowadays cashing handwritten checks can be a real hassle. As they are easy to duplicate so most check-cashing stores, retail stores, and even banks sometimes do not accept them.

However, do worry. Because in this post, I will provide an all-in-one guide to cash handwritten checks instantly. Moreover, I’ll also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

First, let’s find out who will cash a handwritten check.

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Where To Cash Handwritten Checks

Cash Handwritten Checks

You can cash a handwritten check in almost any bank. But the writing has to be readable, you must carry your ID and the fees might be higher.  

Though handwritten checks are quite rare and most check-cashing institutions do not accept them. But banks and some credit unions still cash them for you. However, the amount you can cash might be limited to $500-$1,000 depending on the bank policy.

Moreover, the check must pass the verification of the bank, and if the writing is illegible then any bank will reject the check. So, what are the alternatives? 

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Where Can I Cash A Handwritten Check Without A Bank Account?

For cashing handwritten checks you might require a bank account. Because most banks offer this service only to their account holders. But what if you do not have a bank account? 

Well, here is a list of places where you can cash a handwritten check without a bank account

  1. The Check Issuing Bank
  2. PLS Check Cashing Store
  3. Mr. Payroll Check Cashing Store
  4. Check ‘N Go
  5. United Check Cashing
  6. ACE Cash Express
  7. Check Into Cash
  8. Speedy Cash
  9. Money Mart
  10. Currency Exchange 
  11. Giant Eagle 
  12. Kmart
  13. Publix
  14. Market Basket
  15. H-E-B

Moreover, Ingo Money also accepts certain types of handwritten checks. So, you can cash your handwritten checks online too. 

These are some of the places where you can go and get instant cash from a handwritten check. However, you will require an ID. The check cashing fees and acceptance of handwritten checks will depend on your location. 

Now let’s look at how to cash a handwritten check. 

How To Cash Handwritten Checks

If you have found a place that accepts handwritten checks near you then cashing a handwritten check is fairly straightforward. Here is how to cash handwritten checks 

  • Go to the bank, check cashing store, or retail store that cashes a handwritten check. 
  • Show your check to the bank teller or cashier and he/she will show you where to endorse your handwritten check. 
  • Endorse the check. 
  • Provide a government-issued valid ID to the cashier. 
  • Tell your account number if you are at a bank. 
  • Then the bank teller or cashier will verify your check. 
  • After verification, the cashier will ask you whether you want cash or want to deposit the amount to your account. 

This is how you cash a handwritten check. However, you might need to fill up a form in some banks and check cashing shops. On the other hand, sometimes the check cashing fees are cut from the check fund and sometimes you might need to pay the fees beforehand.  

How Can I Cash A Handwritten Check Instantly?

For instant handwritten check cashing either choose retail stores or a check cashing store. You can also choose the check issuing bank to cash handwritten checks instantly. 

Though your bank might be the best option to cash a handwritten check. But it might not be the fastest option. Because your bank might not give you money instantly instead they will deposit the money in your account. This can take a few hours or even a day. 

So, if you want instant cash then go to a check cashing store or retail shop that cashes handwritten checks. You can also go to the check issuing bank. Because it’s easier for them to verify the check.  

Can You Cash a Handwritten Check at an ATM?

No, in most ATMs you can not cash handwritten checks. However, some ATMs accept handwritten check deposits. 

Although ATM check cashing is popular in most locations. In some instances, ATMs deposit the check fund almost instantly to your bank account like the 7 Eleven ATMs. But it’s only applicable for pre-printed checks. 

However, if your bank accepts handwritten checks then in some ATM machines you can deposit handwritten checks and the money will be added to your bank account after 2-3 days. 

By now we have found out all the necessary details to cash handwritten checks. Now, let’s look at some of the related topics. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to cash handwritten checks. 

Where Can I Cash A Handwritten Business Check?

You can cash a handwritten business check in almost any bank. Moreover, you can also go to ACE, PLS, Speedy Cash, Money Mart, and H-E-B for cashing handwritten business checks instantly. For, instant cashing you can also go to the check issuing bank. 

Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks?

No, Walmart does not cash any type of handwritten checks. They only accept preprinted checks. Here is the type of preprinted checks Walmart accept

Can You Cash A Personal Check That Someone Writes You?

Yes, if the handwritten check is in your name, the writing is not illegible and the payer has enough money in their account then you can cash the check at any bank. 

In Summary 

Cashing handwritten checks can be tough and frustrating. They also might cost you more and the funds might be limited. However, if you carry your ID and go to the places we have suggested then you can cash handwritten checks instantly without any hassle. 

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