Where Can I Cash A Starter Check- Fast and Effective Methods in 2024

To cash a starter check you can either go to your bank or a selected number of check-cashing stores that accept starter checks. 

In case you have opened a new bank account then you might have got a starter check. They are also known as temporary checks. But where can I cash a starter check?

Well, we are about to find out. Because in this post, I will write on fast and effective solutions for where can I cash a starter check. Moreover, I’ll also talk about where to use them, how to use them, and all the related queries. So, stick with me. 

First, let’s find out What is a start check?

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What Is A Temporary Check? 

Where Can I Cash A Starter Check

A starter check or temporary check is a check with no name or address printed on it. These checks are provided temporarily when you just open a bank account and your regular checkbook and debit card is not printed yet. 

Starter checks are a temporary solution for new account holders so that they can use their bank account until their regular checks are ready. Because it might take one to two weeks for the checkbook and debit card to be ready. But what is the difference between regular checks and temporary checks? 

Starter Check vs Regular Check

The below chart contains some of the basic differences between Starter check vs regular check

Starter CheckRegular Check
Starter Checks contain no personal details such as name, or address.  Regular checks contain personal details like name and address. 
It only contains the bank name, account number, and routing number. It contains personal details, bank name, account number, routing number, and endorsement area. 
Starter checks are provided in smaller numbers. Most banks only provide 5 starter checks. Regular checks are provided in large numbers. Usually, You get 50 to 100 page regular checkbooks. 
You can only use starter checks to pay utility bills, and cash withdrawals at a few selected locations. You can use them to pay any bills, purchase things, or cash withdrawals in any location. 
Only your bank and a few check-cashing stores accept them. They are widely accepted in banks, check-cashing stores, shops, retail stores, and any financial institution. 

These are a few differences between starter checks and regular checks. However, some information might vary depending on your location. 

Now, let’s find out where can i cash a starter check.

Where Can I Cash A Starter Check

The best place to cash a starter check is your bank or the issuing bank. 

As starter checks do not contain any personal information so most financial institutions are skeptical about accepting starter checks. Because the checks clearly show you do not have any financial history. As a result, most check-cashing stores and retail stores do not cash starter checks. 

However,  most banks and credit unions should cash starter checks for you. But you must show your ID and print your personal detail on the letterhead. Still, some banks do not accept starter checks. They are 

  1. First Midwest Bank
  2. Regions Bank

So, you should avoid them if you want to cash starter checks. 

Check Cashing Stores That Accept Starter Checks 

Apart from banks here are a few check-cashing stores that accept starter checks 

  1. Advance Financial
  2. Check Into Cash
  3. PLS Check Cashing
  4. Money Mart
  5. ACE Cash Express
  6. The Check Cashing Store

However, the fees and acceptance of starter checks might vary depending on your location. 

Stores That Accept Starter Checks 

Here are a few stores that might accept your starter checks depending on your location

  1. Costco 
  2. Kmart 
  3. Target
  4. Home Depot 
  5. Lowe’s 
  6. Office Depot

To cash starter checks in these stores you must have a valid Government verified ID. But Can I mobile deposit a starter check?

Where Can I Cash A Starter Check Online?

Unfortunately, you can not cash a starter check online. Because most online check-cashing services require the check to be in your name. As stater checks do not contain any name or address. So, no online check cashing service will accept it. 

However, if you have online access to your bank and your bank accept starter checks then you might be able to cash a starter check online. 

How Do You Use A Temporary Check?

You can use a starter check only to withdraw money and pay utility bills. Moreover, government agencies also accept starter checks. Here is how to cash a starter check 

  • Go to your bank, check cashing store, or retail store that cashes a starter check. 
  • Endorse the check by signing over. 
  • Provide a government-issued valid ID to the cashier.  
  • Then the bank teller or cashier will verify your account number. 
  • After verification, the cashier will provide you with the check fund. 

Are Temporary Checks Free?

Yes, if you cash the temporary check at your bank then it should be free. However, if you cash it at other banks and credit unions then there might be a small fee associated with it. The fees for temporary checks are mostly $1-$3. But It might vary depending on the amount. 

On the other hand, some banks started to charge for temporary checks. So, check with the bank beforehand. 

By now we have found out most of the details of where can i cash a starter check. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to where can I cash a starter check. 

Can I Cash A Starter Check at Walmart?

No, you can not cash or pay bills with a starter check at any Walmart location. Because Walmart’s check cashing policy requires you to have your personal details printed on the check. 

Can You Cash A Personal Starter Check?

Yes, you can cash a personal starter check at the issuing bank or any bank. Be sure to carry a valid ID. otherwise, the bank won’t accept your check. 

How Do I Know If A Check Is A Starter Check?

If a check has only a bank name, account number, and routing number on it then it’s a starter check. Because starter checks contain no personal detail and they are quite different than regular checks. 

In Summary

In case you just opened a bank account and want to withdraw some money then starter checks are your best option. Carry your ID and go to your bank to cash one for a smoother experience. However, if someone is paying you in a starter check then I would suggest you not accept it. Because they can be had to cash and are easy to duplicate.   

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