Where Can I Cash A Check On Sunday In 2024

You can go to check cashing stores, retail stores, and ATMs, or use banking apps to cash a check on Sunday.

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Need to cash a check instantly, but it’s Sunday?

Well, no worries. Because in this post on where can I cash a check on Sunday, I will suggest some places where you can instantly cash checks on Sunday. Moreover, I will also provide the fees for each of them along with check cashing time and everything related to it. So, stay with me till the end. 

Let’s start by finding out, Can you cash checks on weekends?

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Can You Cash A Check Sunday?

Yes, it’s possible to cash a check on Sunday. However, whether you will get the money instantly or not will depend on the check-issuing bank. 

We all know banks are closed on Sunday. As a result, the check cashing service of the banks is also closed. However, banks are not the only ones that cash a check. There are other options too. Some of them cash checks on Sunday. But do checks get cleared on weekends?

Do Checks Get Cleared On Sundays?

Usually, checks don’t get cleared on Sundays as all the financial institutions are closed on Sundays. 

Normally, banks and credit unions do not process checks on weekends. So, in case you deposit a check on Sunday, you will get it on the next business day. 

However, most banks have online banking available on Sundays nowadays. As a result, retail stores and check cashing stores might be able to cash your check on Sunday.  So, where can you cash a check on Sunday?

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Where Can I Cash A Check On Sunday

Where Can I Cash A Check On Sunday

Though it’s not guaranteed that you will get your money instantly from the below check cashing places. However, most of them operate on Sundays. Here are some of the places you can cash a check on Sunday

Retail Stores 

Many retail stores cash checks and the good thing about them is they are open on Sunday. However, their money desk might have a different working hours on Sunday. Here is a table of retail stores and their fees 

Name Working Hours On SundayFees
Walmart 10 am. to 6 pmMax $4.99-$8
Publix10 am. to 5 pm$3-$6
Kroger10 am. to 6 pm$3-$5.50

Depending on issuing bank and check type these retail stores can cash these checks almost immediately. However, most of these retail stores only accept pre-printed checks and the amount you can cash is limited. Only Publix accepts personal checks up to $75. 

Check Cashing Stores

Check-cashing stores are one of the most convenient places to cash a check on Sundays. Because most of them are open on Sundays and there is no limit to how much you can cash. Some even serve 24/7. 

Most of the check-cashing stores charge $5-$10. Some charge 2-3% depending on the amount you want to cash. 

These cashing stores serve pre-printed checks immediately and in some cases personal checks too. 

Gas Stations 

Gas stations also cash checks on Sundays. However, the number of gas stations where they cash checks are limited nowadays. But still, you can check pre-printed checks from gas stations on Sundays and get the money immediately. 

However, some accept personal checks and handwritten checks while some don’t. The fees also vary depending on your location. But it’s mostly, under $10. 

Check Cashing Apps

In case you want the check money immediately then check cashing apps might be your best option. Because some apps like Ingo Money promise to cash checks immediately and send the money to your PayPal account or Bank. 

Depending on the type of check these apps can send the check money within 5 minutes to 1 hour. However, some checks might take 1 or more days to get cleared. The fee also depends on the type of check and the amount. 

The above 4 are the places where you might be able to get the cash immediately. The below methods might take time.  

Mobile Banking Apps 

Both mobile banking apps and regular banking apps also accept checks and these are operational on Sundays. The fees are relatively low too. However, they might not add the check money to your account immediately.  

Though some checks get cleared on mobile banking apps immediately. But some might take days to get cleared. 

ATM Check Cashing

If you don’t need the money immediately then you can also cash a check at an ATM on Sunday. As they are open 24/7. However, not all ATMs cash checks. Moreover, depending on the bank a check can take 3-10 days to get cleared. 

So, How do you cash a check when the bank is closed?

How Can I Cash A Check On A Sunday?

Chasing a check on Sunday is similar to cashing a check on any other day. However, the time schedule might be different on Sundays. Here is how to cash a check on a Sunday

  • Go to retail stores, check cashing shop, or a gas station that cashes checks on Sunday. 
  • Give your check, ID, and fees to the counter and wait.
  • After verification, they will cash your check and provide you with the funds. 

You can also do it at an ATM or online with the help of check-cashing apps and banking apps. 

However, whether you will get the money instantly or not will depend on the type of the check and the check-issuing organization. 

So, here is how do I cash a check on the weekend. Now let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions.  

Where Can I Cash A Handwritten Check On Sunday?

It might not be possible to cash a handwritten check on Sunday. Because most retail stores, check cashing shops and gas stations do not accept handwritten checks. You can also try to cash it on a check-ashing app. But there is no guarantee that it will be cleared immediately. 

However, if you are in an emergency then you can call a nearby check cashing store or gas station and find out whether they accept handwritten checks.   

Where Can I Cash A Personal Check On Sunday?

You can cash a pre-printed personal check at a Pubix store, check cashing store, or gas station. However, Pubix only accepts personal checks amounting to below $75. 

But some check cashing stores or gas stations might accept personal checks without any cap on the amount. So, you can contact the check cashing stores near you. Moreover, you can try checking cashing apps. If you are lucky it will get cleared immediately. Otherwise, you might need to wait. 

Where Can I Cash A 3rd Party Check On Sunday?

You can not cash a 3rd party check on Sundays. Because only the issuing banks and credit unions and a few financial institutions accept 3rd party checks. They are closed on Sunday. So, it might not be possible to cash a third-party check on Sunday. 

However, a handful of check cashing stores accept third-party checks. So, if they are open then you might be able to cash it on Sunday.  

Where Can I Cash A Two-Party Check On Sunday?

If the two-party check is not personal then you can cash it at Walmart or any other retail store. Moreover, most check-cashing stores and gas stations also accept pre-printed two-party checks. So, you can cash it there too. Lastly, you can cash it with the help of a check-cashing app.

In Summary

I know not getting your check money at the time of need can be frustrating. So, try the above places on Sundays to cash checks. You might be able to cash them immediately. However, before going to any of these places make sure they are open and they accept the type of check you have.

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