Where Is The MTCN On A Money Order- Detailed Guideline In 2024

Money orders do not have an MTCN but they have a similar tracking number located on the purchase slip and in the money order. 

In case you have lost your money order or want to know your money order status then you might be wondering, where is the MTCN on a money order? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this post, I will help you locate where is the MTCN on a money order. I will also answer Whether there is an MTCN number on all money orders, if not then what is the alternative and everything related to this topic. So, stick around.   

First, let’s find out what an MTCN number is. 

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What is an MTCN Number?

MTCN stands for Money Transfer Control Number. It is a unique 10-digit tracking number assigned to your transfer when you send money using Western Union or other money transfer services. 

The total digit of the MTCN number might vary depending on the money transfer service. You can find the MTCN on your transfer receipt, or in the transfer confirmation email. 

MTCN is used to track the status of your transfer and to pick up money at a Western Union or MoneyGram agent location. When you pick up money, you will need to provide the MTCN and a valid government-issued ID.

Keep in mind that your MTCN is confidential and to only share it with the intended recipient of your transfer. Because with the number someone else might be able to withdraw the cash. So, Never share your MTCN online or with anyone you do not know and trust.

Does A Money Order Have A MTCN Number?

where is the mtcn on a money order

No, a money order does not have an MTCN number printed. However, Money orders have a similar unique tracking number. 

Money orders are similar to checks, but they are guaranteed by the issuer. So, they do not bounce. Moreover, money orders can be tracked online with a tracking number similar to MTCN. This number is crucial when a money order gets lost. 

If you are sending money using a money order, be sure to keep the receipt. The receipt will have the money order tracking number and other important information, such as the recipient details, date, and amount of the money order. So, where is the MTCN number on a money order?

Where is the MTCN on a Money Order?

There is no MTCN number on money orders. However, there is a similar tracking number on money orders. The total digits of the tracking number vary depending on the money order issuer. 

Money orders are quite advanced than checks and other alternatives. Because it lets a purchaser check the money order status. Moreover, it can also be tracked with a tracking number if it’s lost. 

All money orders contain a unique tracking or serial number. Different money order issuers have different names for it.  This number is similar to MTCN. So, How do I find my MTCN on a money order?

How Do I Find My MTCN on a Money Order?

Money order MTCN number or tracking number location varies depending on the money order issuer. As different companies call it differently and have a different digit tracking number. Here is how to find a money order tracking number 

  • Look at the money order or purchase slip of the money order closely. 
  • You will find a 10-12 digit number printed at the bottom of the purchase slip and on the top of the money order. For MoneyGram, it’s printed vertically.  
  • International money orders tend to have a tracking number with fewer digits for some issuers. 

Here is a chart containing the MTCN or tracking number location, name, and total digit of money order for major money order issuers.  

IssuerNameTotal DigitLocation
USPSSerial Number11Top right Corner 
Western UnionTracking Number11Top Left Coner
MoneyGramMoney Order Number12 Digits and a CharacterPrinted Vertically on the money order. 

Moreover, the tracking number for the money order is also printed on the money order purchase slip. You can find easily the number on the purchase slip if you look it by name. 

On the other hand, some agents might print money orders which look different than the issuers. But the tracking number name is similar on those money orders too. 

By now we have found the answer to where is the mtcn on a money order. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Where is the MTCN On a Money Order Online?

You can not find a money order MTCN number or tracking number online. However, if your money order issuer sends you an email of the money order purchase slip, then you will find the tracking number or serial number of the money order there. 

How Many Numbers Does Western Union MTCN Have?

Western Union MTCN has 10 unique digits. You can find the MTCN number on your money transfer slip or on the email of the purchase slip. 

How Long Is MTCN Number Valid?

The MTCN number is only valid for 72 hours. This is applicable for online money transfers only. A money order tracking number or serial number is valid until the money order is cashed. 

In Summary 

Although, money orders do not have an MTCN number. But it does have a unique tracking number or serial number printed on top of the money order and bottom of the purchase slip. Be sure to note this number down. Because if the money order is lost or stolen, this number will be crucial for refund. 

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