How To Track A Money Order- Detailed Guideline In 2024

To track a money order, go to the issuer’s website, fill in the necessary information like the serial number then hit submit and you will find the money order status. 

In case, you have lost a money order then you can only get a refund if the money order is not cashed. So, can you track a money order? 

Yes, it’s possible to track a money order online. So, in this post, I will provide in detail guidelines on How to track a money order. Moreover, I will also add some tips to do it for free and answer all the necessary queries. So, stay with me till the end.

First, let’s find out, can you track any money order

Find Out Can You Return A Money Order 

Can A Money Order Be Traced?

how to track a money order

Yes, a money order can be traced no matter who the issuer is. The tracking process might vary depending on the money order issuer.  

Money orders are a guaranteed form of payment. So, once paid to the recipient, there is no way the payment can be stopped. As a result, if the money order is lost then it can be very difficult to get a refund and you can’t get a refund if it’s cashed. This is also applicable to cashier’s checks and certified checks. 

However, what differentiates money orders from cashier’s checks is the tracking feature. Almost all major money order issuers provide a tracking feature. This means it is possible to track whether a money order is cashed or not. This can be possible both online and offline. So, if your money order is lost then it can be easily cashed. 

Now let’s look at the requirements for tracking money orders. 

Requirements for Tracking Money Orders

Tracking a money order is easy if you have the purchase slip. So, when you purchase a money order make sure you keep the purchase slip or at least take a picture of it. To track a money order you will require the below information from the purchase slip 

  • Money order serial number 
  • Purchase Date
  • Money order Amount 
  • Purchase location
  • Recipients Name

The requirements vary depending on the money order issuer. Some may ask for less information some may ask for more. However, most will ask for the above information only.  In case you are tracking offline then you might need to pay a fee too.  So, How can I track if a money order has been cashed?

How To Track A Money Order

Almost all money orders can be tracked in two ways. They are 

  1. Offline Tracking 
  2. Online Tracking

First, let’s have a look at how to track a money order offline

How to Track a Money Order Offline 

You can track money orders by serial number offline. Follow the below instructions to do that 

  • Go to the money order issuing bank or money center. You can also call at their hotline. 
  • Tell the money order serial number. If you don’t find it then just show the purchase slip.  
  • Answer any other questions by the service representative. 
  • After checking they will tell you about the money order status. 

You can try this only when your money order issuer does not have an online tracking feature. Mostly, money orders issued by banks can be tracked offline only. You might as well need to pay some fees too. 

How to Track a Money Order Online

To track money orders by serial number online, please follow these instructions 

  • Visit the Money order issuer website. 
  • Go to track a money order status. 
  • Fill in the online form by entering information such as serial number, purchase date, amount, etc. 
  • Hit submit and after a few moments, you will find your money order status. 

This is the answer of, How do I check the status of a money order?

The process might be different depending on your money order issuer. However, you will find instructions on the web page. So, don’t worry. 

Money Order Tracking Chart

For your convenience, here is a chart containing the Tracking web page address, helpline, and requirements for all major money order issuers 

Money Order IssuerLinkHelpline Requirements
USPSUSPS money order tracking1-800-222-1811Serial number and purchase amount
Western UnionTrack money order Western Union1-800-448-1492Serial number and Date, the purchase amount
MoneyGram MoneyGram money order tracking1-800-926-9400Serial number, Date, and the purchase amount

For online tracking or in-call tracking, there should not be any fees. However, if you go to an agent location to track then they might charge you fees. As agents are individually operated businesses. Moreover, there is no fee for tracking USPS money orders. 

By now we have found the answer to how to track a money order. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Can a Bank Trace a Money Order?

Yes, banks can trace money orders. However, the money order must be issued by the same bank. They can not trace money orders issued from other banks or financial institutions. Moreover, some banks might also charge a fee to track.

How To Track A Money Order Chase?

To track a money order issued by Chase, go to a Chase bank location show the money order purchase slip, and get your money order tracked. If you have lost your purchase slip then provide them the serial number, date, and amount.  Without this information, you can’t track your money order. 

Can You Track a Money Order Western Union?

Yes, you can track a Western Union money order both online and offline. You just need your money order serial number, purchase date, and amount. 

In Summary

It’s a quite straightforward process to track a money order. Though not all providers charge a fee but some do it when you tack offline. So, try to track your money order online. Lastly, never lose your money order purchase slip. 

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