Where Can I Cash a 401k Check- Free Methods In 2024

You can cash your 401k check at your bank or credit union. As most banks and credit unions offer free 401k check cashing for their customers. 

In case you have left a job or retiring then you might be wondering where can I cash a 401k check.

Well, worry no more. Because in this post, I will tell you free methods for where can I cash my 401k check. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end.   

Let’s start by finding out Can you cash a 401k check anytime?

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Can You Cash A 401k Check?

Where Can I Cash a 401k Check

Yes, you can cash a 401k check. However, if you have not fulfilled the age requirement then you might face tax implications and penalties.

As different organizations have different policies regarding 401k, so, your HR might offer you a check instead of a fund transfer to your account. In case that happens and you are not 59 ½ years old, then you should consider it before cashing it out. So, What happens if you cash a 401k check?

What Happens If You Cash A 401k Check?

According to the Required Minimum Distributions rule, 

Any distributions prior to age 59 ½ will generally be taxed as income by the IRS, plus a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty. 

Moreover, the withdrawal age is 72. These rules are put into place so that no one uses their retirement savings beforehand.  So, When can I cash out my 401k without penalties?

When Can I Cash Out My 401k?

If you are 59 ½  or above then there won’t be any penalties for early withdrawal. But it will be counted as regular income. So, you have to pay taxes. 

On the other hand, if you withdraw money after 72 then you won’t be charged any tax. However, here are some exceptions 

  • You deduct the money as an emergency medical expense.  
  • Got disabled 
  • Ended Employment at 55 years

If the above things apply to you then you won’t be charged any penalties or tax for early withdrawals. But Can you cash 401k check anywhere?

Can You Cash 401k Check Anywhere? 

Yes, you can cash your 401k check in almost any bank or credit union. However, the issuing bank will most likely provide a better experience. 

On the other hand, you can also cash 401k checks in most check-cashing stores and selected retail stores that cash checks. But the fees might be higher. So, who cashes 401k checks?

Where Can I Cash A 401k Check?

You can cash a 401k check for free at your bank or credit union. Moreover, you can also go to the check issuing bank. But there will be fees depending on the bank. The fees can range between 2%-5% depending on your location. 

As 401k checks contain a high amount, so, it’s safer to either deposit the amount to your bank or cash it from them. Moreover, most banks and credit unions cash it for free for their customers. So, you can cash a 401k check without spending a penny. But what if you do not have a bank account?

Who Will Cash A 401k Check Without A Bank Account?

In case you don’t have a bank account then you can go to the below outlets for cashing your 401k check. However, they will charge you high fees and the fees will depend on your location. 

Check Cashing Stores That Cash 401k Checks  

Below here are some of the check-cashing stores that cash 401k checks 

  1. CheckSmart
  2. The Check Cashing Store
  3. Check Into Cash
  4. ACE Cash Express
  5. PLS Check Cashing
  6. Advance Financial
  7. Money Mart
  8. Friendly Check Cashing

Retail Stores That Cash 401k Checks

Here are some of the retail stores that cash 401k checks. However, you can cash upto a certain limit at these places 

  1. Kroger
  2. Ralphs
  3. Walmart
  4. Food Lion
  5. Hannaford
  6. Giant Eagle
  7. Stop & Shop
  8. King Soopers
  9. Fred Meyer
  10. Giant Food

Most of these stores can only cash up to $5,000. So, if your check balance is higher than that then avoid these stores. 

Now let’s look at how to cash your 401k check. 

How do you cash out your 401k

Cashing a 401k check is quite straightforward. Because 401k checks are pre-printed. But you will require your social security number and state-issued ID or any government ID to cash a 401k check. 

Here is how to cash it.

  • Go to your bank or a store. 
  • Show the cashier your check. 
  • Provide your SSN number and state ID. \
  • Endorse the check. 
  • Let the cashier verify your check. 
  • After the verification your check fund will be transferred to your account or you can choose to take cash. 

The process might vary depending on where you cash the check. But what if 401k check declined?

Why Can’t I Cash My 401k Check?

There can be many reasons behind your 401k check being declined. Here are some of the most common ones

  • The most common reason is providing the wrong SSN number. So, check your SSN properly and try again. 
  • Your access to the balance may be blocked due to the record not being updated about your departure. 
  • You might have not completed the vesting period. 
  • There might be an error in the check. 

If you have rechecked your SSN number and still your 401k check is still being declined. Then contact your employer ASAP.  

Can I Deposit My 401k Check Into My Checking Account?

Though it’s possible to deposit your 401k check into your checking account. However, it’s never suggested to do it. 

Because the money in 401k is meant to grow tax-deferred until you reach retirement age. If you deposit your 401k check into your checking account, you will be forced to pay taxes on the money immediately. As a result, you will also lose out on the opportunity for the money to grow tax-deferred. 

By now we have found the answer to Where can I cash my 401k check? Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Where can I cash my 401k check.

Will Walmart cash a 401k check?

Yes, Walmart accepts 401k checks. However, Walmart can only cash up to $5,000. If you have a check higher than that then avoid Walmart.  

Does Kroger Cash 401k Checks?

Yes, Kroger cash 401k checks up to $5,000. So, avoid Kroger if you have a higher check.  

Can I cash a Fidelity check at any bank?

Yes, you can cash a Fidelity check at any bank. Different banks have different requirements for check cashing. So, ask the bank beforehand about their requirement and if they accept Fidelity checks or not. 

Can I cash a check at my bank without depositing it?

Yes, you can cash a check at your bank without depositing it. Just tell your bank teller you would need cash instead of an account deposit. But your bank might charge you a fee for cashing the check instead of a deposit. 

In Summary 

Cashing a 401k check is fairly simple. However, the requirements are quite complicated. So, make sure you fulfill all the requirements of cashing a 401k check if you want to avoid penalties and taxes on your 401k. It is also suggested to consult with a financial advisor and know your options before cashing your 401k check. 

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