Walmart Money Order- Cost, Limit, Hours, and Everything In 2024

Walmart money order is available at the Walmart customer service desk. Walmart sells MoneyGram and Western Union money orders for a $1 fee. 

Looking for a reliable place to purchase money orders? Then a Walmart Money order might be a good choice. But what are the cost, limit, and hours for Walmart money orders? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this comprehensive guideline on Walmart Money order, I will talk about Walmart money order policies, fees, hours, limits, and everything related to it. Moreover, I will also answer all the relevant queries. So, stay with me. 

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Can I get a $1000 money order from Walmart?

Walmart Money Order

Yes, you can get a $1,000 money order from Walmart. You can purchase it with cash or a debit card at the Money Center or customer service desk in Walmart stores.

Walmart is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. Apart from selling groceries and appliances, Walmart also provides money services. So, they sell and cash money orders. 

However, Walmart does not issue money orders themselves. They work as a MoneyGram agent and sell MoneyGram money orders. Some stores have Western Union money orders too. But most locations cash both MoneyGram and Western Union money orders. So, What do you need to get a Walmart money order? 

Walmart Money Order Policies

As Walmart sells MoneyGram and Western Union money orders, the requirements and policies are somewhat similar. Usually, Walmart does not require an ID for purchasing money orders less than $1,000. However, ID’s are a must for cashing money orders. Apart from these here are some of the policies for Walmart money orders

  • Walmart will only cash money orders issued from either MoneyGram or Western Union. 
  • A flat fee is required for both cashing and purchasing the money order. Fees can vary depending on the location.  
  • To get a refund for lost, stolen, or destroyed money orders you have to apply to the money order issuer instead of Walmart. 
  • Walmart does not reissue or replace money orders.
  • Walmart only accepts cash or debit cards for money order payments.  
  • Walmart does not provide a refund for altered or damaged money orders. 

These are some of the policies for Walmart money orders. So, how do you get a Walmart money order? 

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How to Get a Walmart Money Order

Here is how you can get a Walmart money order. 

  • Visit your nearest Walmart and go to the Customer service or Money services desk. 
  • Ask the store clerk for a money order mentioning the amount. 
  • If you are getting a money order of $1,000 then show your ID.
  • After getting the money order fill out all the immediately, including the payee & purchaser information in front of the clerk. Get help from the clerk if needed.  
  • Lastly, pay the money order amount and get your money order issued. 

Please keep your money order receipt until the money order is cashed. Because it will help you get a refund if the money order is not chased, lost, or stolen. Now, let’s look at the Walmart money order cost. 

How Much is A Money Order at Walmart

Walmart has a max $1 fee for money orders. It’s a flat fee applicable for all money orders regardless of the amount. Moreover, the fee is not fixed so depending on your location the fee can vary. However, it can not be more than $1. In most locations, the fee is $0.88 

Furthermore, Walmart charges the same fee for both cashing and purchasing a money order. 

Walmart Money Order Limit

Like other money order agents, Walmart does not limit the money order amount. So, you can get a $1,000 money order at any Walmart location. As they sell both Western Union and MoneyGram money orders,  You can get one according to your preference. 

Moreover, you can even get multiple money orders from a Walmart location. In total, you can get money orders worth $3,000 from a Walmart location in one day.  

Walmart Money Order Hours

Although, some Walmart stores remain open 24/7. However, you can not get a Money order from Walmart 24/7. You need to go to a Walmart location during their Money service hours which is 7 AM to 10 PM every day. Hours might vary depending on your location. So, you can get or cash a money order during weekends at Walmart. 

Walmart Money Order Tracking

Walmart Does not have a money order tracking feature of their own. But as they issue money orders using either MoneyGram or Western Union. So, depending on your money order, you can use MoneyGram or Western Union money order tracking to track a money order you have purchased from Walmart. 

Walmart Money Order Refund

Walmart only provides money order refunds if you have purchased a money order and don’t need it anymore. To get a refund for these types of money orders, you need to visit the Walmart location you have purchased it from with the money order and your ID. 

Keep in mind that you can only request a refund if the money order is 10 days old and it is not altered or damaged. 

On the other hand, if your money order is lost, stolen, or damaged then you need to go to the money order issuer directly for the refund. Walmart does not refund for lost or stolen money orders. 

By now we have found out everything needed for Walmart money orders. Now let’s look at some of the related queries.  


Here are some of the frequently asked queries on this topic. 

How do I get a money order with a card?

You can not get a money order with a credit card from anywhere. However, you can use a debit card for money orders. Most money order agents accept cash, checks, and debit cards for money orders. 

Can an ATM do a money order?

Yes, it’s possible to deposit a money order into an ATM. However, you must have a bank account and your bank must support it. 

Can I return a money order that has been filled out?

Yes, you can return a money order that has been filled out. Different money order issuers have different policies for it. In case you want to return the money order to a Walmart location then it must be 10 days old and there should not be any damage or sign of alteration. 

In Summary

As Walmart works as a MoneyGram and Western Union agent. So, you can get both of the money orders at Walmart. However, be sure to keep your money order receipt safe. Because Walmart does not refund lost or stolen money orders,  MoneyGram or Western Union do. So, it will be crucial if your money order gets lost. 

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