How To Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order- Comprehensive Guideline In 2024

To Fill out MoneyGram Money Order- first, write the payee name correctly, then sign it and write down your address. 

Sending someone a MoneyGram money order? Then you must be thinking, how to fill out MoneyGram money order?

Well, I have got your back. Because in this post, I will provide a comprehensive guideline on how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. Moreover, I will also include what you must not do and answer all the relevant questions. So, stay with me till the end.

First, let’s find out What goes on a Moneygram money order.

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What Goes On a MoneyGram Money Order?

MoneyGram money order contains recipient’s name, purchaser’s signatures, and address. 

MoneyGram money orders contain less information than other major money order issuers. As a result, it becomes easier to fill out a MoneyGram money order. Here is what goes on a MoneyGram money orders 

  • Pay to the order of
  • Purchaser’s Signature 
  • Purchaser’s Address 

However, there are different MoneyGram agents like Walmart, CVS, and some others. These agents sometimes add extra information like Payment For or purpose of the money order. purpose. But most MoneyGram Money Orders do not contain any memo or purpose section. So, how to fill out a MoneyGram money order? 

How To Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order

Filling out a MoneyGram money order is easier than other and there is less chance of making any mistake. Because it only contains the recipient’s name and your address. Here is how to fill out a money order moneygram

  • Immediately after getting the money order, please write the recipient’s name matching his/her ID in the “Pay to the order of” section.
  • In the next row, you will find the “Purchaser Signature” section. You need to Sign there. 
  • In the last row, you will find out the Address section. Write down your address there. 

That’s how easy filling out a MoneyGram money order is. However, you must make sure you have written the recipient’s name correctly. Otherwise, it will be hard to cash. 

MoneyGram Money Order Example

Here is a sample MoneyGram money order for a better understanding of where to fill out what in the money order. 

How To Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order

How To Fill Out a MoneyGram Money Order Online

You can not fill out a MoneyGram Money Order online. 

Like other major money order issuers MoneyGram also does not issue money orders online. So, you can not fill out or get a MoneyGram money order online. You need to go to a physical MoneyGram agent location to get a MoneyGram money order. 

However, if you want to send money online then MoneyGram has similar services available. 

How To Fill Out Moneygram Money Order For Rent

You just need to put your landlord’s name in the pay to the order section of MoneyGram money order for paying the rent. Moreover, you should also include the address you are renting in the address section. 

Although, MoneyGram money orders are easy to fill out for rental payments. But it’s not suggested to pay rent using a MoneyGram money order. Because most MoneyGram money order does not contain a memo section which is crucial for stating the purpose of the money order. 

How To Fill Out A MoneyGram Money Order For IRS 

It is not suggested to use a MoneyGram Money Order for paying the IRS. It’s because MoneyGram does not have a memo line to state the purpose of the money order. 

According to the IRS to send a money order you must include  

  • Your name and address.
  • Daytime phone number.
  • Social Security number or employer identification number.
  • Tax year.
  • Related tax form or notice number.

Usually, you can write these information on the memo line. However, in MoneyGram, there is no memo line and sender name section. So, it’s best to ignore MoneyGram money orders and send a USPS money order to the IRS instead. 

Things to keep in Mind While Filling Out a MoneyGram Money order

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while filling out a MoneyGram money order 

  • Do not make any spelling mistakes in the recipient’s name or your address.
  • Always fill out the pay to the order of section in front of the store clerk.
  • Do not mark out in the name section or any other section of the money order. 
  • Write with clear readable handwriting. 
  • Do not use White Outs to correct your mistake. 
  • You should not use abbreviations if you are paying to a business. 
  • Never sign the back of the MoneyGram money order. It’s reserved for the recipient only. 
  • All the details should match the recipient’s ID. 

By now we have found out how to fill out MoneyGram money order. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Who Signs Purchaser Signature On Money Order?

The sender or the person who buys the money order must sign in the purchaser signature section. USPS money orders do not require a purchaser’s signature. However, Western Union and MoneyGram require purchaser’s signature on the front side of the money order. 

What address goes on a MoneyGram Money Order?

The address of the sender goes on a MoneyGram money order. You should write the address correctly. The sender’s address is included because if there is any issue then the receiver can find the sender with the address. 

How Do You Put Your Name on a Money Order?

It is always suggested to write your name matching your government ID card. Because you will require your ID to cash it. On the other hand, if there is any issue with the money order or it gets lost then the sender can claim a refund by showing his/her ID and filling in a form. 

In Summary 

MoenyGram money orders require the least information. So, they are the easiest to fill up. You just need to make your handwriting readable and not make any spelling mistake in the pay to the order of section.  

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