USPS Money Order Tracking- In-depth Guideline In 2024

For USPS money order Tracking, you need to visit the USPS tracking page enter the required information like tracking number, post office number, and amount then hit submit. 

In case, you have sent a USPS money order then you might be wondering whether it’s cashed by the receiver yet. The easiest way to find it is, through the USPS money order tracking. But how do you do it? 

Well, don’t worry.  In this post, I will guide you on USPS money order tracking. Moreover, I will also provide all the necessary resources and answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

First, let’s have a look at Can a USPS money order be tracked?  

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Can a USPS Money Order be Tracked? 

USPS Money Order Tracking

Yes, USPS money orders can be tracked for free using their webpage to some extent. However, USPS money order tracking is not real-time. So, it may take a few days for the status of your money order to be updated.

USPS lets you track a money order online and offline until it’s cashed. However, the tracking information is not as comprehensive as it is for some other types of mail, such as Priority Mail or Express Mail. To track the money order you need to enter information regarding the money order. After that, the status will be one of the following

  1. Not yet cashed: The money order has not been cashed yet.
  2. Cashed: The money order has been cashed.
  3. Stop paid: There is a refund or reissue request for the money order. 

In case the money order is cashed, you will also be able to see the date and time it was cashed and the location where it was cashed. As USPS money order tracking is not real-time, the tracking information might not be accurate all the time. 

USPS Money Order Tracking Requirements

To track a USPS money order you will require a few information. All of this information is available on the money order or the Money order purchase receipt 

  • The Money order Serial Number 
  • The post office number as mentioned on the money order
  • Exact amount including decimals 

Keep in mind that the tracker will not show anything if the information is not correct. So, put these information carefully. But where is the tracking number on the USPS receipt for money order?

Where to Find USPS Money Order Tracking Number?

To track money order by serial number, you must require the 11 digit USPS serial number. The number is both on the money order receipt and the money order. This number is situated at 

  • The leftmost corner of the last line of the USPS money order receipt. It’s tagged as the serial number here as well. 
  • The first line of the leftmost corner of the USPS money order has the serial number printed. 

Just beside the USPS money order serial number there is the purchase date printed. Then the post office number, amount and clerk number is printed sequentially. You will only require the serial number, post office number and the amount from here. 

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USPS Money Order Tracking

You can start the tracking process, once you have found out the necessary information. Here is how you can do USPS money order tracking

  • First, visit the USPS money order tracking page
  • Then enter your money order serial number. 
  • After that enter the post office number as printed on the receipt. 
  • Lastly, enter the amount and click view status. Your money order status will appear shortly. 

In case, it’s hard for you to track online then you can visit the post office with your money order receipt and find the status of your money order with the help of a postal clerk. 

USPS Money Order Tracking Phone Number 

Apart from tracking your USPS money order online and at the post office you can also call the USPS money order number and find out the money order status. 

The USPS money order number is 1-866-974-2733. You need to call within 8 AM to 8 PM Monday–Friday. 

For USPS customer service tracking, you will also need to provide the USPS money order tracking number, amount and post office number on the call. After checking, a customer representative will provide you your money order status. 

By now we have found the guidelines for USPS money order tracking. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic.

How do I know if a Money Order has been Cashed?

To find out if your money order has been cashed or not you need to track your money order online or by call. If it’s cashed then the tracker will show cashed status. Keep in mind that most money order trackers are not real time. So, the answer might not always be accurate. 

What are the Numbers on USPS Money Order?

There are several numbers on a USPS money order such as the serial number, post office number, postal clerk number, purchase date and amount of the money order. Try to note or copy these numbers because they will come in handy if your money order is lost or stolen. 

Can I track an order with USPS?

Yes, it’s possible to track an order with USPS. But keep in mind that USPS only allows money order, Express and priority mail tracking. So, your order has to be either on an Express mail or a priority mail if you want to track. 

In Summary 

USPS money order tracking is only possible if you have the serial number, post office code and amount. So, try to note these numbers once you have purchased a USPS money order. Moreover, these numbers will also be crucial if you have lost or stolen a USPS money order. 

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