MoneyGram Money Order Replacement- Complete Guideline In 2024

To get a MoneyGram money order replacement, first, check the status, if it’s eligible then pay the fees, fill out the replacement form, and wait for it to get approved. 

In case, your MoneyGram money order got slightly damaged or needs a correction then you might be thinking, How to get a MoneyGram money order replacement? 

Well, no worries. In this post, I will walk you through a comprehensive guideline on MoneyGram money order replacement. Moreover, I will also mention the fees, necessary resources, and answer all the related queries. So, stay here till the end. 

First, let’s have a look at Can you get a money order reprinted?

Find out, How to get a MoneyGram money order refunded 

Can A Money Order Be Replaced?

moneygram money order replacement

Yes, a money order can be replaced if there is a mistake, it is lost, stolen, or damaged. However, not all money order issuers allow it and the process of replacing a money order will vary depending on the issuer.

Money orders are a secure way of offline payment. But its security features become an issue if there is a slight mistake while filling the money order. Because with mistakes in names and personal details, it’s almost impossible to cash a money order. 

That’s why most money order issuers allow users to replace a money order if it’s slightly damaged, or there is a mistake. Some issuers do it for free, while others charge a fee for money order replacement. One such issuer is MoneyGram. They offer both online and offline replacement services. However, there is a fee for replacing a money order. 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement

The MoneyGram money order replacement process is pretty simple. However, you have to strictly follow their policy. Otherwise, your replacement request will be rejected and you won’t get any refund for the fees. 

So, first, let’s look at what are the MoneyGram money order replacement Policies. 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Policies

Here are some of the policies and requirements for MoneyGram money order replacement

  • You must be the purchaser of the money order. 
  • You will get the replacement only if MoneyGram tracking shows you are eligible for it. 
  • The replacement fee is non-refundable. 
  • To get a replacement the money order must be in your possession. If it’s lost then you might have to show your purchase slip. 
  • Any sign of alteration in the amount area will make the money order non-replaceable. 
  • Chased or deposited money orders do not qualify for a replacement. 
  • You might need to show your ID if you apply for a physical replacement.  

These are some of the must-follow policies for MoneyGram money order replacement.

Also, check the MoneyGram money order verification process 

How to Get MoneyGram Money Order Replacement

MoneyGram money order replacement can be done both online and offline. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Online

Here is how to request for online MoneyGram money order replacement

  • First, you need to visit the MoneyGram money order replacement page. 
  • Then check your money order status by filling out the money order tracking number and exact amount. 
  • Once you check the status you will find if you are eligible for a replacement. 
  • After that fill out the MoneyGram replacement form online.
  • Choose Express Payment Request if you want to get it delivered to your doorstep.  
  • Then pay the fee. You can use both debit and credit card to pay. 
  • Hit submit and wait for the replacement. 

Please make your you are eligible for a replacement. Otherwise, you won’t get a replacement and the fee back. 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Physically 

To get MoneyGram money order replacement physically follow the process almost the same as online. You need to fill out the form and request a refund. The only difference is that you need to choose regular pickup from your nearest MoneyGram agent instead of an express payment photocopy request. 

Depending on the time and region of making the replacement request some processes might be different. However, the main process is the same which is to check status and fill out the form. 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Form

To make a MoneyGram Money order replacement, you need to fill out a few online forms for both online and offline requests. Below here are the MoneyGram Money order replacement forms sequentially

  1. MoneyGram Money order status check    
  2. MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Form

After filling out the forms and paying the fees, you can also check the MoneyGram money order replacement status. But what is the MoneyGram money order replacement cost? 

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Fee

The fees for MoneyGram money order replacement vary depending on your mode of replacement request and amount.  Below here is a simple chart containing the MoneyGram money order replacement fee 

Replacement Request TypeMoney Order ValueReplacement Processing Fee
Online Replacement Request$6.00 – $49.9950% of face value
Online Replacement Request$50.00+$25.00
Express Payment Photocopy RequestAny Value$18.00

The fees are as mentioned in almost any state. If you feel confused about which one to choose for your replacement request then you can call the MoneyGram money order replacement number. But what is it?

MoneyGram Money Order Replacement Number

You can check your MoneyGram money order replacement status by call too. Moreover, you can also get help during the process by calling the MoneyGram money order replacement number. 

So, for any issue regarding MoneyGram money order replacement call this 1-800-926-9400 number. 

By now we have found the process for MoneyGram money order replacement. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

How Long does it Take to Get a Replacement Money Order from MoneyGram?

Usually, MoneyGram money order replacement takes 7-10 business days to process. However, depending on your situation you might get the money order replaced early or late. On the contrary, you can always check the status of the money order replacement either by calling or online.  

Can You Replace A Lost Money Order With A Receipt?

In case your money order is lost, then you can replace the money order with a receipt. However, your money order must not be cashed. In case the money order is lost and cashed by someone then you won’t get a replacement. 

How long do you have to return a Money Order?

As money orders do not have an expiry date so you can return the money order any time you want. You can return it even after years. However, some money order issuers start to cut a processing fee from the money order amount if a money order is not cashed within 2-3 years.  

In Summary

Replacing a MoneyGram money order can be quite hassle-free if you have the money order with you or at least the purchase slip. So, always take a picture of the money order and the purchase slip. 

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