How To Send A USPS Money Order In 2024

To send a USPS money order- go to your nearest post office, purchase a money order then get an envelope and stamp by paying the postage, fill in the details of the payee, and send. 

Need to send someone money by mail? Then money orders might be the safest option. But how to send a USPS money order? 

Well, don’t worry. I have got your back. Because in this post, I will provide an A to Z guideline on how to send a USPS money order. Moreover, I will also talk about the fees, tracking method and answer all the relevant queries. So, stay here till the end.  

Let’s start with, Can I send a money order through USPS? 

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Can I Send a Money Order Through USPS?

how to send a usps money order

Yes, you can both purchase and send a money order by mail through USPS. 

Sending money through the mail is always unsafe. As it can get lost or even stolen on the way. So, sending a money order is a simple yet effective solution. Because no one except the recipient can use the money of a money order.   So, even USPS suggests users send money orders instead of cash. 

You can send both USPS money orders and money orders issued by other providers through USPS mail. So, How do I send a money order to an address? 

How To Send A USPS Money Order 

Sending a USPS money order by mail is like sending a letter to someone. It’s quite a straightforward process. However, you just need to make sure the recipient details are all correct and match the recipient’s ID. 

To send A USPS Money order, first go to the nearest post office and ask the postal clerk for a money order form. Then fill out the below information correctly 

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • The recipient’s name 
  • The recipient’s address 
  • The purpose of the money order(optional) 

Please make sure the recipient’s name and address are written correctly without any spelling mistakes. After that pay and get the money order and the purchase slip. Remember the post office money order limit is $1,000. So, you can’t send more than that amount. 

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After getting the money order here is how to send the money order to an address

  • Ask your postal clerk about the postage. Usually, it’s $0.66 for a regular letter-size envelope. 
  • Pay the postage and get yourself an envelope and stamp. 
  • Now fill in the recipient’s name and address again. 
  • Insert the money order inside the envelope and seal it using glue. 
  • Lastly, check the address and hand the envelope over to the postal clerk. 

Please keep the money order purchase slip safe until the money order reaches its destination. You can also track the money order with the serial number posted on the purchase slip. 

In case, you are having trouble finding a post office near you then you can use USPS Locator to find your nearest post office.   But how to send a USPS money order online?

How To Send A USPS Money Order Online

Unfortunately, you can not send USPS money orders online. You need to go to a post office physically to purchase and send the money order online In fact, almost no money order issuer sells and mails money orders online. 

So, you can not purchase or send a money order online. In case you need to send money to someone distance online but do not have the time to visit the USPS, then you can your Western Union online money transfer service or similar services. But How to send international money orders?

USPS International Money Order

You can also send USPS money orders internationally. However, for international money orders, the limit is $700.

Sending a USPS International Money order is similar to sending a money order domestically. However, you just need to make sure the county you are sending the money order accepts USPS money orders. 

As of 2023, only 29 countries accept USPS money orders. So, ask your recipient whether his/her country accepts USPS money orders or not. You also need to get the exact and correct address and personal information of the recipient and fill in the money order form and postage accordingly. 

Lastly, you have to pay a little extra fees for both the postage and the money order.   

By now we have found the answer to how to send a USPS money order. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked queries related to this topic. 

Do You Need an Envelope To Send a Money Order?

Yes, you will need an envelope and pay the postage to send a money order to a distant place. You can use USPS or other mailing services to send the money order. Fees might vary depending on our location. 

How Do You Put a Money Order on an Envelope?

You need to put the money order in an envelope just like you put a letter or check inside an envelope. There are no instructions on how to put a money order in an envelope. Money orders are the size of checks and letters. So, it’s better to put them like this. Just do not fold the money order as folding can damage it.

What is the Best Way to Send a Money Order through the Mail?

Money orders are quite safe so you can send them any way you prefer. However, it is better to purchase a USPS money order and send it via USPS. Because if the money order gets lost somehow then it will be easier to get a refund. 

In Summary

Sending a money order via USPS mail is just like sending a letter. You just need to make sure the address and details of the receiver are correct and match with his/her ID. Because if the address is wrong it will reach the wrong place and it will be vary hard to recover or get a refund.  

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