Food Lion Check Cashing- Everything You Need To Know In 2024

You can cash personal, payroll, government, rebate, and traveler’s checks at food lion for a small fee.  

If you are living in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern part of the United States then Food Lion can be a great choice for cashing checks. Because the fees are low and they accept a wide range of checks. 

So, in this post, I will write everything you need to know about food lion check cashing. Moreover, I will also cover all the related topics. So, stay with me till the end. \

First, let’s find out, Can I cash a check at Food Lion?

Find Out Where can I cash a personal check

Can I Cash A Check At Food Lion 

Food Lion Check Cashing

Yes, it is possible to cash a check at any of the locations of Food Lion. However, the fees might vary depending on your location. 

Food Lion is an American regional supermarket chain operating in 10 states with over 1,100 stores. It is known for its low prices and fresh products. It offers a wide variety of products, including meat, seafood, dairy, frozen foods, snacks, candy, beverages, and household goods.

Food Lion is committed to providing its customers with a great shopping experience. Apart from groceries and lifestyle products it also offers online grocery ordering and pickup, pharmacy services, a loyalty program, and instant check cashing.

It does not only cash checks but also accepts personal checks as a valid form of payment. But what type of checks does food lion cash? 

What Type Of Checks Does Food Lion Cash?

Though food accepts a wide range of checks. However, it does not accept all types of checks. Here is a list of checks that food lion accepts

  • Personal checks 
  • Payroll checks signed by the employer 
  • Government welfare checks 
  • Tax Refund checks 
  • Traveler’s checks issued from US banks

These checks are accepted at all branches of Food Lion. However, the limit and fees might vary depending on your location. Here is a list of checks that food lion does not accept 

  • Two-party personal checks 
  • Third-party checks
  • Handwritten payroll checks 
  • Insurance checks 
  • Money orders
  • Credit card checks 
  • Altered checks   
  • Starter checks 

If you have any of the above checks then you need to go elsewhere to cash the checks. Now let’s look at the food lion check cashing policy. 

Food Lion Check Cashing

Food Lion’s check cashing policy can be quite different than other check cashing policies. Here is a list of policies you must comply with to cash checks at Food Lion

  • All checks must pass the verification of third-party check cashing software at Food Lion.  If your check does not pass the verification then you can not cash your check. 
  • You can only cash personal checks associated with your checking account. 
  • All the payroll checks must be signed by either your employer or HR department. 
  • Your check must not be older than 30 days. 
  • All checks must be from a US Bank. No checks from a Non-US bank will be accepted. 
  • US Passports are not accepted as an ID for personal checks  

These are some of the must-follow policies for cashing checks. Here is a list of IDs that are accepted as a valid ID for cashing checks at Food Lion

  • US driving License 
  • State Issued ID card 
  • Tribal ID cards
  • Military ID card. 

You must carry one of these IDs to cash a check at a food lion shop. Now let’s have a look at How much cash can you take out at Food Lion? 

Food Lion Check Cashing Limit

Food Lion has certain limits for cashing certain types of checks. Limits are almost similar at all stores of Food Lion. Here is a chart for Food Lion check cashing Limit for different checks. 

Check TypeHighest Limit
Personal Checks$50
Government Checks$1,000
Tax Refund Checks$1,000
Payroll checks$1,000
Traveler’s checks$500

Although, Food Lion only cashes $50 personal checks. However, if you purchase products from their stores then you can surpass this limit. You can write a check for bill+$50 and the cashier will return $50 to you. Moreover, there is no fee if you cash checks by following this method. 

Food Lion Check Cashing Fee

Like Walmart or other big chains, there are no fixed fees for cashing checks at Food Lion. So, check cashing fees are different at different locations. However, there is a minimum fee for cashing checks. Here is a minimum fee chart for cashing checks at Food Lion 

Check TypeMinimum Fee
Personal Checks$1
Government Checks$1
Tax Refund Checks$1
Payroll checks$2
Traveler’s checks$1

As the fees vary depending on the location, so it’s better to contact your nearest Food Lion to find the check cashing fees for Food Lion near you.

Food Lion Check Cashing Hours

Apparently, most Food Lion stores are open from 7 AM to 10 PM. So, you can easily cash your checks in between these hours. Some Food Lion stores are even open 24/7. However, the check cashing service might not be available 24 hours. 

But it’s better to check in with your nearest Food Lion store to find out its check-cashing hours. 

By now we have found out almost everything about food lion check cashing. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Does Food Lion Cash Checks On Saturday?

It depends on your location. All Food Lion stores operate on weekends. However, most Food Lion stores keep their check cashing service open for half day during weekends. Some even keep the check cashing service closed during weekends.  

Does Food Lion cash checks on Sunday?

Although all Food Lion stores are open on Sundays. However, some  Food Lion stores provide half-day check caching service on Sunday. Some of the stores even keep their Check Cashing service closed on Sunday. 

Does Food Lion cash cashier’s checks?

No, Food Lion does not cash cashier’s checks at any of its locations even if you have a valid ID and your check fulfills all the criteria. 

Does Food Lion cash Government checks?

Yes, Food Lion Cash Government checks up to $1,000 for a minimum fee of $1. The fees for cashing government checks vary depending on your location. 

Does Piggly Wiggly Cash Checks?

No, most Piggly Wiggly Locations do not cash any type of checks. However, Piggly Wiggly stores are individually owned so some Piggly Wiggly stores might cash checks. But the fees might be higher than regular. 

In Summary

Food Lion is well known for their exceptional customer service. So, if you have checks below or equal to $1,000 then you can cash them at any Food Lion location. It will be a completely hassle-free experience. Moreover, the check cashing fees are low too. 

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