Does Publix Cash Checks- Limit, Fees, and Everything Else In 2024

Yes, Publix cash personal and payroll checks. However, the check cashing limit at Publix is limited. 

In case, you are from the Southeastern part of the United States then you must have heard about Publix. They are known for their friendly customer service and generous contribution to the community. But does Publix cash checks?

Well, yes, it does cash checks. But Publix check cashing policy is quite different than other places. That’s why in this post on does Publix cash checks, I’ll write about Publix’s check cashing policy, requirements, fees, limits, hours, and everything else. So, stick here till the end. 

First, let’s have a look at whether can I cash a check at Publix.

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Does Publix Cash Checks

Does Publix Cash Checks

Yes, Pubix cash checks. However, they do not accept all types of checks for cash at their stores and the limit is low. 

Publix is the largest employee-owned company in the United States. It operates in the Southeastern states of the United States. It s known for its friendly customer service, high-quality products, and commitment to giving back to the community. 

Apart from selling high-quality grocery and lifestyle products, it also cash checks on a small scale at all of its locations. So, what type of checks does Publix cash?

What Type Of Checks Does Publix Cash? 

Publix only cashes two types of checks. They are 

  • Personal checks 
  • Payroll checks. 

Apart from these two types of checks, Publix does not accept any type of checks, not even government welfare or tax refund checks. So, only go to Publix in case you intend to cash either a personal check or a payroll check. So, what is the Publix check cashing policy?

Publix Check Cashing Policy

Publix has some stick policies for cashing a check. Here is a list of Publix check cashing policy

  • You can only cash a personal check per day. 
  • Payroll checks can be cashed once a week for an individual.
  • The check must be in your name if you want to cash it. 
  • Your check must pass Publix verification. 
  • Checks must be from a US bank. 
  • Your checks can not be older than 30 days. 

These are some of the must-follow policies. But what about requirements? 

Publix Check Cashing Requirements 

If you fulfill all the Publix check cashing policies then there is only one requirement and that is you must carry a government-verified ID for cashing checks. Here are some of the ID cards that Publix accepts

  • Driver’s License 
  • Passport
  • State ID card
  • Military ID card. 

You can not cash a check at Publix if you have neither of these IDs. But what about the check cashing limit? 

Publix Cash Checks Limit

 Here are the Publix check cashing limits 

  • Publix only accepts personal checks up to $75 daily. Meaning, at max you can cash a $75 personal check per day. 
  • In the case of Payroll checks, Publix cashes $500 checks a week. Meaning, you can only cash a $500 payroll check a week.  

However, these limits might vary depending on your location. Because some locations might accept a payroll check higher than $500. So, What about check cashing fees? 

Publix Cash Checks Fee

Publix check cashing fees range between $3-$6 depending on the amount of your check and location. 

The issue with Publix checks cashing is that there are no specific fees for cashing checks. The fees vary depending on your location. So, it’s hard to tell a specific number. However, the checks chasing fees are not higher than $6 for any check or amount. But what about Publix customer service hours?

Publix Cash Checks Hours

You can cash checks at Publix at any opening hour which is generally 7 AM to 10 PM. So, you can cash your check anytime between. Moreover, Publix is also open during weekends and you can cash your check on weekends too. 

However, their operating hours might differ depending on your location. So, be sure to check out their hours at your region before going there to cash checks. 

Does Publix Cash Checks Over $500?

Usually, Publix cash checks up to $500. However, depending on your location Public might cash payroll checks over $500. 

Although, Publix cash checks. However, it only accepts personal and payroll checks. That too is limited up to $75 for personal and  $500 for payroll. Though Publix Financial Page does not specify an exact amount. But most of their locations cash at a max $500 checks.

However, in some instances, some of their locations accept payroll checks of more than $500. So, if you intend to cash a check higher than $500 contact Publix customer service.     

Does Publix cash checks over $1000?

No, Publix does not cash checks over $1,000. In fact, most of the Publix locations only cash payroll checks up to $500. 

Publix might cash checks. But there are quite a few restrictions on cashing checks. One such is they only cash checks up to $500 in most locations. This might increase depending on your location. However, no Publix store will cash checks over $1,000.

By this time we have found out the answer to does publix cash checks. Now let’s have a look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Can a Minor Cash a Check at Publix?

Usually, Publix does not allow minors to cash checks. However, if you are above 16 and have a Driving License then you might be able to cash personal and payroll checks in your name at any Publix store.  

Does Publix Cash Government Checks?

No, No Publix does not cash any type of government checks at any of their stores. Publix only accepts personal and payroll checks. So, you can not cash government checks at a Publix store. 

Does Publix Cash Handwritten Checks?

Publix only accepts handwritten personal checks. You can not cash handwritten payroll checks at Publix. 

Does Publix Cash Two Party Checks?

No, Publix does not cash two-party checks. Although Publix accepts personal checks but it does not include two-party personal checks.  

Does Publix Cash Tax Refund Checks?

No, Publix does not cash Tax Refund checks at any of their locations. Publix only cashes personal and payroll checks. 

In Summary 

Although, the check cashing options at Publix are limited. However, their check cashing process is fairly easy and the fees are quite low. So, if you need to cash a smaller check then Publix can be a good choice. 

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