Does Target Cash Checks In 2024

No, Target does not cash checks. However, if you pass their verification, you can pay with a check at any Target store. 

Retail chains like Walmart and Kroger are great places to cash checks as they operate on weekends and offer instant cash. Target is also a convenient retail chain operating all over the United States. But does Target cash checks? 

Well, We are about to find out. Because in this post, I will discuss does target cash checks. If not then what are your options, can you pay Target with a check and all the relevant topics. So, stay with me till the end.    

Let’s start by finding out does target cash checks like Walmart.

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Does Target Cash Checks

does target cash checks

Unfortunately, Target does not offer check cashing services at any of its locations.

Target is an affordable retail shop operating in 1,900 locations across the United States. It sells a wide variety of products, including clothing, home goods, groceries, electronics, and more. It is known for its shopping experience, affordable prices, and wide selection of brands.

Although, Target offers a great shopping experience. But it does not cash any type of checks at any of its stores. So, if you plan to shop at Target and have a check then cash your check beforehand. 

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Why Doesn’t Target Cash checks?

Target does not disclose why it chooses to not cash checks. The reason can be Target is not a financial institution and it does not have the license to cash checks. 

Moreover, check cashing is a risky business. Because check frauds are pretty common and it costs a lot of bucks and effort to verify a check. So, this might be another reason why Target does not cash checks. But does Target accept checks?

Does Target Accept Checks?

Yes, target accepts personal checks as a payment method. However, you must pass Target verification to pay via check. 

Even though Target does not accept checks but you can still pay your bills with a personal check at any Target location. However, there is a catch. You can only pay with personal checks from US banks. Because target does not accept any other checks as a payment method. Not even government checks. 

So, How do you pay with a check at Target? 

How To Pay With A Check at Target

Here is how to pay at a Target location with a personal check 

  • After getting everything you need go to the counter and tell the cashier you will pay via check. 
  • Write the check and sign it. 
  • Then give the cashier your government-verified ID card. 
  • After that, the cashier will verify your check with Certegy. It might take a few moments. 
  • Lastly, they will accept your check and give back any change. 

Target uses Certegy for verifying your check. It is a risk management company that runs background checks on you. So, in case you have a lot of unpaid bills then the verification might bring negative results and you won’t be able to pay with the check. 

On the other hand, if your account has insufficient balance and the check bounces then you will be charged a flat $30 fee along with the bill amount. Moreover, you will be banned from paying checks at Target for life.  

Can You Pay for Online Target Orders With Check?

No, you can not pay for online orders at Target with personal checks. 

Target only accepts check payments at their counters. Before they accept any check they verify the payee and the check which is not possible with online orders. So, if you plan to purchase online then you need to pay with a card. 

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Will Target Cash Checks In the Future?

As Target never provided check cashing services so it’s highly unlikely that they will start cashing checks in the future. Moreover, check usage is also getting lower day by day. 

However, Target might replace their old Allpoint ATMs with newer Allpoint+ ATM machines. These newer ATM machines have a check deposit feature. In case they get these new machines then you might be able to cash checks at Target. 

Does Target ATM Cash Checks?

No, Target ATM does not cash checks. Target has ATM machines at most of their location. All these ATMs are older Allpoint ATMs. These ATMs do not have a check deposit feature. 

Although, newer Allpoint+ ATMs have a check deposit feature. However, Target does not have them currently. So, you can not deposit checks at a Target ATM. 

By now we have found out the answer of does target cash checks. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

How Much Does Target Give Cash Back On Personal Checks

Target does not give any cash back if you pay with a personal check or card. It only pays cashback when you use the Target RedCard.

Does Target Accept Business Checks?

No, Target does not accept Business checks as a form of payment. They only accept personal checks from US Banks. So, you can not pay at a Target store with your business check. 

Can I pay Target With A Starter checks? 

No, you can not pay bills at Target with a Starter check. Although, starter checks are a type of personal check. However, starter checks do not contain your name or address. As a result, it’s hard for Target to verify the check. So, they won’t accept starter checks. 

Can I Cash My Target Paycheck At Target?

No, you can not cash your Target Paycheck at Target. Target does not have the infrastructure or software needed for cashing checks. So, you most probably won’t be able to cash your Target paycheck at a Target location. 

Does Target Cash Cashier’s Checks?

No, target does not cash any type of check and that includes cashier’s checks too. So, if you need a cashier’s check to cash then go to other retail shops like Walmart or a check cashing shop. 

In Summary

Target might be one of the best in terms of convenience and shopping experience. However, you can not cash any type of check at Target, not even at their ATM. You can only pay with a personal check at Target. So, in case you need to cash a check then go to Walmart or Kroger. 

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