Does Publix Do Money Orders- Everything You Need To Know In 2024

Yes, Publix does sell Western Union money orders at most of their locations within the United States. The charge on of the lowest fees for money orders. 

If you are looking for an affordable money order then Publix can be a great option. But does Publix do money orders? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this post on, does Publix do money orders, I will talk about Publix money orders, if so then what is the fees, limits, hours, requirements, and policy? Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

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Does Publix Do Money Orders?

Does Publix Do Money Orders

Yes, Publix does do money orders at all of their locations in the United States. They are partnered with Western Union to sell money orders. 

Publix is one of the largest employee-owned supermarket chains in the Southeastern United States. They are well known for their excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and fresh groceries. 

Apart from their grocery and food business, they also have a money services section. At Publix money services they offer check cashing services, bill pay, and sell money orders. 

Publix serves as a Western Union agent to provide money order services. They have one of the lowest fees for money orders. But does Publix cash money orders?

Does Publix Cash Money Orders?

No, Publix does not cash money orders in most of their locations. 

Although Publix sells money orders in all of their locations, they do not cash them. Even if the money order was brought from a Publix store. 

However, cashing a Publix money order should not be a problem. Because Publix money orders are issued by Western Union. So, they are accepted everywhere and you can easily cash them at banks, credit unions, grocery stores, Western Union agents and check cashing shops. 

Moreover, you can use Publix money orders to pay bills and business without worrying. So, What are the Publix money order requirements? 

Publix Money Order Policies and Requirements

As Publix issues Western Union Money orders, the Publix money order policy is similar to Western Union. Here are some of the Publix money order policy and requirements 

  • You must be above 18 and have a government-verified ID to purchase a money order at Publix. 
  • Publix money orders can only be paid with either cash or debit cards.
  • Publix employees might check and match your ID name with the debit card name to verify your identity. 
  • Publix does not cash money orders. 
  • The refund policy for lost, stolen, and damaged money orders is the same as Western Union. 
  • Money order fees and limits might vary depending on the store location. 

Now that we know the Publix money order policy and requirements. Let’s look at How to get a Publix money order. 

How To Get a Publix Money Order 

Because of Publix’s great customer service, getting a money order from them is fairly easy. Here is how you can get a money order from Publix

  • Go to your nearest Publix store and head towards the money services counter. 
  • Ask the counter staff for a money order mentioning the amount. 
  • Show your ID and pay for the money order with a cash or debit card. 
  • Then fill out the Pay in the order of, ACC, your address, and signature section in front of the Publix employee. 
  • Lastly, let the Publix employee issue the money order and hand you over the money order and purchase receipt. 

Please keep the money order purchase slip with you, it will come in handy if something happens to the money order. Filling out a Publix money order is the same as filling out a Western Union money order. So, How much does a money order cost at Publix?

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Publix Money Order Fee 2023

Publix charges one of the lowest for money orders. Publix money order fee starts from $0.89. It’s a flat fee meaning no matter the amount the fee will be the same. However, fees might vary depending on your location. So, contact your local Publix store before you go there to purchase a money order. But what is the Publix money order maximum limit?

Publix Money Order Limit

Publix money order maximum limit is $500 in most stores. A few Publix stores might sell money orders exceeding $500. But in most cases, it will be $500. On the other hand, you can purchase multiple money orders from Publix stores. But the number of money orders you can purchase in one day is not specified. It varies depending on your location. 

Publix Money Order Hours

Publix sells money orders during their operating hours meaning their money services do not have different hours. Usually, Publix stores are open from 7 AM to 10 PM. Some stores might close at 9 PM. So you can purchase a Publix money order in between 7 AM to 10 PM.  

However, Publix money order hours might slightly vary depending on your state. 

By now we have found out most of the details regarding, Does Publix do money orders? Now let’s have a look at some of the relevant queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Does Publix Do Money Orders Online?

No, Publix does not issue or sell money orders online. Publix only issues Western Union money orders at their physical store after looking at your ID. So, you can not get Publix money orders online. 

Can You get a Publix money order with Debit Card?

Yes, you can get Publix money orders with a debit card at any of their locations. Publix only accepts debit cards and cash for money order payments. Keep in mind that your debit card details and ID details must match if you want to purchase a Publix money order with a debit card. Otherwise, they won’t sell. 

Does Publix have Moneygram or Western Union?

Publix only has Western Union money orders. Because they serve as a Western Union agent. Publix neither sells nor cash MoneyGram money orders. 

In Summary 

Publix money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and easy to get. They have great customer service too. The only issue with the Publix money order is the limit. So, only go and get Publix money orders if you need a money order less than or equal to $500.  

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