Does Speedway Cash Checks- Secret Way In 2024

No, Speedway does not directly cash checks. But there are other options available at Speedway locations. 

In case you are from the Midwest and the East Coast regions of the United States then you should be familiar with Speedway. Apart from being a gas station, it provides financial services too at its convenience stores.  But does Speedway cash checks? 

Although, Speedway does not directly cash checks. However, there are other ways of cashing checks. So, in this post, I’ll talk in detail about does Speedway cash checks. If not then how can you cash checks and all the related topics. So, stay with me till the end. 

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Does Speedway Cash Checks

Does Speedway Cash Checks

Unfortunately, Speedway does not directly cash checks at any of its convenience stores and it does not accept check payments too. However, you might be able to cash checks at Speedway ATM machines in some locations. 

Speedway operates in 32 states, offering a variety of services, including gasoline, diesel fuel, snacks, drinks, prepared foods, ATMs, car washes, and lottery tickets. Although Speedway was acquired by 7-Eleven in 2021. However, the Speedway name continues to be used in some markets.

Though Speedway does not offer check cashing services. But you can still deposit checks at some of their Locations. However, you must have a bank account to do it.  So, how do you do it?

How To Cash Checks Using Speedway ATMs

Cashing a check at a speedway ATM might require some extra effort. As they do not have a check cashing service. But you can still do it. 

Speedway uses the Allpoint Surcharge-free ATM network. So, all of their ATMs are from Allpoint. Although regular Allpoint ATMs do not have a deposit feature. However, newer Allpoint+ ATMs have a deposit feature that can be used for cashing checks. 

Not all Speedway locations have the newer Allpoint+ ATMs. But they are replacing the old machines with newer Allpoint+. So, some of the speedway locations have Allpoint+. 

As a result, first, you need to figure out which speedway ATM is Allpoint+ near you then you can easily cash checks. Here is how to cash checks at a Speedway Allpoint+ ATM

  • Go to the ATM and insert your debit card.
  • Select check cashing.
  • Enter your amount. 
  • Then if your bank is Allpoint-supported you can deposit your endorsed check. 
  • After that, the check amount will be added to your account balance. 

Once the money is added to your account, you can withdraw the amount. However, you might not always get instant cash. Sometimes, this process might take 2-3 days. So, if you need instant cash then avoid this method. 

Moreover, for cashing checks, your bank must support the Allpoint network and the checks must be pre-printed. Otherwise, check cashing won’t be possible. But what about the limit? 

Speedway ATM Withdrawal Limit     

Speedway uses the Allpoint ATM network and their withdrawal limit is $400 a day. So, you can only withdraw $400 from a Speedway ATM. 

However, at Allpoint+ locations you can deposit checks higher than $400. You just can’t withdraw the whole fund from the Speedway location. But Can I get money orders at the speedway?

Speedway Money Order Limit

Speedway sells Moneygram money orders at some of their locations. At max, you can purchase a $500 money order from Speedway. 

However, you can only purchase money orders at Speedway. you can not cash them. So, there is no money order cashing limit at Speedway. But Can I load money at Speedway?

Does Speedway Load Cash App Cards?

No, Speedway does not load cash app cards at any of their locations. They only accept Amazon Cash and Vanilla Direct. So, you can not load cash app cards at the speedway. However, you can go to Walmart or CVS to load your cash app card. 

By now we have found out the answer to Does Speedway Cash Checks. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked queries related to this topic. 

Does Speedway take Google Pay?

Yes, Speedway accepts google pay payments. Although Speedway does not accept checks. But they take Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Cash, and Vanilla Direct online payments. 

How does Speedway rewards work?

In Case you are a Speedway prepaid card holder or member then every time you purchase a non-restricted item you earn points. These points can be tuned into digital coupons and used getting for discounts.  

Does Casey’s Take Checks?

Yes, Casey’s Gas stations and stores take checks as a form of payment. But the checks must be either personal or business checks and you must present a valid ID to pay with a check at Casey’s. 

Does Shell Cash Checks?

Yes, Shell gas stations cash checks up to $1,500 at almost all of their locations. They only accept pre-printed government, payroll, and personal checks. Moreover, you must carry your valid ID to cash a check at Shell gas stations. The fees for cashing checks at Shell might vary depending on your location. 

Does Valero Cash Checks? 

No, Valero gas stations do not cash checks at any of their locations. Valero is one of the largest gas station chains in the United States. However, like other big chains, they do not cash or accept checks as a form of payment.  

In Summary

Though Speedway does not directly cash checks. But if you are lucky then you can cash checks using the Allpoint+ ATM at their location. However, when you need an emergency check cashing I would suggest you to avoid Speedway and try other gas stations. 

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