Does CVS Cash Checks- Secret Way In 2024

No, CVS does not cash checks for their customers. However, you can use the ATMs at CVS stores to cash checks instead. 

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In case you need to purchase medicines at CVS and check cash at the same time then you might be wondering, Does CVS cash checks?

Unfortunately, it does not cash checks. However, you can still use CVS stores to cash checks. How? 

Well, that’s what we are going to find out in this post. Because here, I’ll answer Does CVS cash checks? If not then what are your options and everything related to it. So, sit tight.  

First, let’s find out, can CVS cash checks.

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Does CVS Cash Checks ?

Does CVS Cash Checks

No, CVS does not cash any type of checks at their physical stores. However, you can still pay your bills with a check at CVS. 

CVS  is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States. It operates pharmacies, retail clinics, and provides pharmacy benefits management services. But like other big chain stores, it does not offer any over-the-counter check cashing services for its customers. 

However, CVS does have ATM machines at most of its locations. So, you can use these ATMs to get cash from your account. But why CVS does not offer check cashing services? 

Why CVS Does Not Offer Check Cashing Services?

CVS is a pharmacy chain and does not have a license for providing financial services. Although it has ATMs at most of its locations. But they are from other vendors. 

Providing check cashing services can be a real hassle for retail stores. Because after accepting checks, they need to go to banks and credit unions to cash them and there are fees associated with them. 

Moreover, using checks is decreasing day by day, and check frauds are at on all-time high. These might be some of the reasons why CVS does not cash checks directly. But Does CVS accept checks?

Does CVS Accept Checks?

Although CVS does not cash checks. But you can still use checks to pay bills at most of the CVS locations. However, there are some requirements. 

Here are the requirements for paying bills with checks at CVS

  • You must use personal or business checks to pay bills. 
  • The checks must be from an old account. As they do not accept checks from new accounts. 
  • You must carry your government-verified ID  with you if you want to pay the bill with a check. 

If you fulfill all the requirements then a CVS counter staff will verify all the information using TeleCheck electronic system. When it gets thoroughly checked and verified only then you can pay your bill using a check. 

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Moreover, not all CVS locations accept checks. Lastly, when you use a check you will not be eligible for discounts or any points and there might be additional charges. This might feel like a bummer. So, how do you cash checks at a CVS location?  

How Do You Cash Checks At A Cvs Location

One easy way of cashing a check at CVS would be to use their ATM. Because in most CVS stores the ATM accepts checks. So, you can deposit your check there. But you must have a bank account to do it. 

The problem with this method is that you might not get your money right away. Because sometimes ATMs take hours or even days to deposit the check fund into your account. So, this won’t be a viable option for you if you need money instantly. 

In case you need instant cash from a check at CVS then you can go to the nearby

  • Bank or Credit Union
  • Walmart or other retail stores that cash checks 
  • Check Cashing Store
  • Gas stations that cash checks

How Much Does CVS Charge To Cash Checks

CVS cash Checks using their ATM. So, the charge will use be the usual fee your bank charges for check cashing via ATMs. 

As CVS check cashing is not possible and you can only use the ATMs at its locations to cash checks. So, the check cashing fee will depend on your bank or credit union. 

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By now we have found the answer to Can cvs cash checks. So, it’s time to look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to does cvs cash checks.

Can I Cash A Cashier’s Check At CVS?

No, you can not cash a Cashier’s Check or use a Cashier’s Check to pay bills at CVS. Because CVS does not cash checks. However, you can use the ATM at the CVS store to cash a Cashier’s Check if that ATM accepts checks. 

Does CVS Deposit Checks?

No, CVS does not deposit checks at their counters. However, you can still use their ATM if you want to deposit a check in your bank account. 

Does CVS cash Personal Checks?

No, CVS does not cash personal checks. However, you can use a Personal check to pay bills at most of the CVS locations. But you must carry your ID to do it. 

Does CVS Cash Payroll Checks?

No, CVS does neither cash nor accept payroll checks as a form of payment. But you can use the in-store ATM to cash a payroll check. 

Does CVS Or Walgreens Cash Checks?

CVS does not cash checks at any of its locations. However, Walgreen does cash checks at some of their selected locations. 

In Summary

In any situation, CVS does not cash checks. Although, you can use their ATM to cash one. However, you won’t get the money instantly. So, if you are going to a CVS store and have a check instead of cash then cash your check from elsewhere beforehand. 

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