Does Western Union Cash Checks- Simply Answered In 2024

No, Western Union does not directly cash checks. However, they are partnered with Check into Cash and other retail stores for cashing checks. 

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In case, you are trying to send money via Western Union and you have a check instead of cash, then you might be wondering, does western union cash checks?

Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. That’s why in this post, I will simply explain does western union cash checks. if so then Western Union check cashing fees, Western Union check cashing limit, and everything related to it. So, stay put. 

Let’s start by answering does Western Union cash checks?

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Does Western Union Cash Checks?

Does Western Union Cash Checks

No, Western Union does not directly cash checks and they accept only cash or cards for sending money. However, Western Union partners such as Check into Cash and some retail stores cash checks for them. 

Western Union is known for its international money transfer services. They offer various other services such as money orders, bill payments, prepaid cards, and many more. But unfortunately, Western Union does not accept or cash checks.  So, how can you cash checks at Western Union?

Can You Cash Checks At Western Union?

Though Western Union does cash checks. But you can cash a check at Western Union locations in the United States. How? 

Well, In the United States, Western Union partnered with Check Into Cash in Western Union locations. As a result, if you need to cash a check at a Western Union location then you can go to the Check Into Cash and cash the check for a fee. 

However,  Check Into Cash only operates in 30 states. So, you can cash checks with Check Into Cash at Western Union Locations only in these states. But don’t worry. Because Western Union also partnered with Walmart, Kroger grocery stores, and some other retailers for check cashing. 

As a result, you can cash a check at Western Union Locations all over the United States. By now we have found the answer to can western union cash checks? So, let’s look at western union check cashing fees.

How Much Does Western Union Charge To Cash A Check

As Western Union does not cash checks directly and depends on its partners for check cashing. So, the fees might vary depending on your location. However, Check Into Cash is one of their largest partners. So,  here is a chart of Check Into Cash fees for check cashing 


Check Into Cash may also charge a fee for cashing checks that are not drawn from a local bank. This fee is typically $2.00. Their fees might vary depending on your location and their policy. So, it’s suggested to check Cash Into Check website for the most recent fees. 

Also Check Walmart Check Cashing Fees

Now that we know western union cash check fees. So, it’s time we find out the Western Union check cashing limit. 

Western Union Check Cashing Limit

The western union check cashing limit usually depends on its partners. For example, if you go to a Western Union location that has Check Into Cash then you can cash checks exceeding $5,000. On the other hand, if you go to a retail store like Walmart or Kroger Grocery Stores then you can only cash checks below $5,000.

So, in case you have a large check to cash then try to go to a Westen Union Location that has Check Into Cash. But What type of checks can you cash at Western Union? 

Does Western Union Cash All Checks?

Yes, western union partners cash almost all types of checks for them. For instance, Check Into Cash cash the below type of checks 

  • Government Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Insurance Checks
  • Two-Party Personal Checks
  • Western Union money orders

This is only applicable for Cash Into Checks. So, other Western Union partners like Walmart or Kroger Grocery Stores only cash pre-printed checks and do not cash personal handwritten checks. What do you need to cash a check at Westen Union? 

Western Union Check Cashing Requirement 

Western Union check cashing partners require the same thing as any other check cashing store for cashing a check. Here are the must needed things for cashing a check at Western Union

  • Valid Government Issued ID Card
  • Valid Check 

You might also need your I-Tin number or Social Security number depending on the store location. 

By now we have found out will Western Union cash checks. So, it’s time to look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to does western union cash checks. 

Does Western Union Cash Personal Checks?

Yes, Western Union partner Cash Into Check cashes two-party personal checks. However, other western union partners such as Walmart and Kroger Grocery Stores might not accept personal checks. So, use Cash Into Checks for cashing personal checks. 

Can I Cash A Cashier’s Check At Western Union?

Yes, you can cash a cashier’s check at any western union location. Because almost all the western union partners such as Cash Into Check, Walmart, and Kroger Grocery Store accepts cashier’s check. 

Does Western Union Cash Checks Online?

No, Western Union and its partners do not cash checks online. So, if you want to cash a check at Western Union then you must visit their nearest location. 

Can You Cash A Check On Western Union App?

Western Union Money transfer app does not have check-cashing support. Moreover, there is no Western Union check cashing app. So, you can not cash a check using Western Union App. 

In Summary

Although Western Union does not cash checks themselves. However, most of their locations have vendors that cash checks In the United States. So, you can easily cash a check at any Western Union location. Just be sure to carry your ID with you.   

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