How To Cash A Check Without ID- All the Legit Ways In 2024

You can use a third-party check, ATM cashing, or mobile banking Apps to cash a check without ID. 

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Have you lost your ID? Or Don’t have an ID at all but you need to cash a check? 

Well, no worries. Because in this post, I will briefly describe all the legit methods on how to cash a check without ID. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

Let’s start with do you need an ID to cash a check. 

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Do You Need An ID To Cash A Check?

Yes, you will need an ID to cash a check physically from banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions. 

When cashing a check the bank must verify that the check is dedicated to you. To put it simply they need to verify your identity to find out that the check is in your name. So, banks need some form of ID to cash a check. 

Though The type of ID required may vary depending on the institution. But the ID has to be valid and government issued. So which IDs are mostly accepted? 

Acceptable Forms Of ID To Cash A Check 

Here are some of the IDs that most banks accept to cash a check 

  1. ID card 
  2. Passport
  3. Driver’s License 

These are the most common identity cards which banks accept. Though some banks might accept secondary IDs such as

  • Your Social Security Number 
  • Military ID
  • Driving permit
  • Foreign driver’s license 
  • Employment ID
  • College ID

However, expired IDs are not accepted and what your bank accepts completely depends on its policy. So, contact them to find out. But can you cash a check without ID?

Can You Cash A Check Without ID?

Yes, it is possible to cash a check without ID. However, you can’t do it physically in a bank or credit union branch. 

Though it’s possible to cash a check without ID. But you need to go the extra mile to do it. Moreover, you can’t do it yourself physically. So, you might need to take the help of others. But how can I cash a check without an ID?

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How To Cash A Check Without ID

Here are 4 simple but effective ways on how can I cash my check without an ID

Use A Third Party Check 

A third-party check is basically the same check you are the payee of. You are just endorsing it to someone else. So, if you don’t have an id or lost your ID then you can sign the check over to someone else with an ID. It can be a close friend or a relative. Here is how to do it

  • Find the endorsement area of the check it should look like the below picture and It should be on the back side of the check. 
how can I cash my check without an ID

  • Then put your signature below the “Endorsement Area”. 
  • After that write “Pay to the order of” and “The Name” of the person you are signing it off to.  

That’s it. Now your friend or relative can go to the bank with their ID and cash this check for you. 

However, many banks stopped accepting third-party checks due to theft and scam. So, before signing it off make sure your bank accepts third party checks.  

Deposit The Check To An ATM 

You can also deposit the check to your Bank account by using an ATM. To do that

  • Find out which ATM accept check near you. 
  • Go there enter your debit card then click on Deposit Check. 

That’s how easy it is and you won’t need any ID for it. 

However, the check might take 3 days to get cleared. So, the balance won’t appear instantly on your account.  Moreover, you must have a bank account with a Debit card for this to work. 

Use Your Bank Mobile App

Using your bank mobile app is the easiest way to cash check without ID online. It’s pretty easy too. Here is how to do it

  • Log into your bank’s mobile app. 
  • Then select Deposit Checks. 
  • Take a picture of the check and submit it. 

The money will be added to your bank account once it gets cleared. Most banks nowadays accept checks with their mobile app. However, some don’t. So, find out whether your bank has this feature or not. 

Moreover, you will need a bank account for this to work. 

Mobile Financial Services Apps

You can also use virtual bank accounts or mobile money apps to Cash checks without ID online. It might be the easiest option for you if you do not have a bank account. Because opening an account on them is pretty easy and fast. You don’t even need an ID in some of them to open an account.  

Here are some of the mobile apps that accept checks 

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Ingo Money
  • Current

Moreover, many other apps accept checks. However, be careful about them and check their legitimacy before submitting your check. 

These mobile banks accept personal checks and some accept tax refunds or other government checks from $5 to $5,000. They might as well charge a small fee. However, it might take time for the check to get cleared. But it will be lower than other methods. 

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Now that we know how to cash a check without ID. So, it’s time to look at some of the frequently asked questions. 

Can You Cash A Check With Your Social Security Number?

In most banks, you can not cash a check with your social security number. However, some might allow it. 

Most banks accept government-verified Photo ID for cashing a check. However, the social security number is not one of them. Because it is an individual federal identification number, not a photo ID. That’s why most banks do not accept it. However, some accept it. 

So, it’s better if you contact your bank and find out its policy regarding this. 

Can Someone Else Cash My Check For Me?

Yes, someone else can check your cash for you. You just need to use the endorsement feature of the check and sign the check to that person. Then he/she can cash your check for you. It is also known as a third-party check.  

Can You Cash A Check On Cash App?

Yes, you can cash a check using the cash app. It’s a super easy process. Just go to the cash App check deposit option then take a picture of the check. After that submit your check. Once approved the money will be added to your Cash App balance. 

In Summary 

Cashing a check without ID is difficult but possible with the above-mentioned methods. However, keep in mind that it is never suggested to cash your check without ID unless it is an emergency. 

Lastly, most banks or financial institutions might not cash a check exceeding $5,000 without an ID even if you follow my mentioned methods. So, if you lost your ID and have to cash a check exceeding  $5,000 then it’s suggested to apply for a new ID ASAP. 

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