Two Names On Check But No Joint Account- Solved In 2024

If there are two names on check but no joint account then both payees should sign the check and deposit it in any single bank account. 

Received a two-party check for the first time but do not have a joint bank account? 

Well, don’t worry I am here to help. Because In this post I will provide a simple solution to two names on check but no joint account. Moreover, I will also provide insights on the best way to cash a two-part check. So, stick here.  

Let’s start by finding out what happens if a cheque is in two names.

Find Out Where to cash a two-party check

What Happens If A Check Is In Two Names?

When a check is in two names both people have to sign the check to cash or deposit it. 

A check can be issued to two people at the same time. A two-party check is much different than a regular check. Cashing or depositing them also requires extra effort. Because when a check is issued in multiple names a bank or credit union requires both parties to be present when cashing the check. Or at least the check should be signed by both parties before cashing it. 

Two Names On Check But No Joint Account Solution

Two Names On Check But No Joint Account

Before looking at how to solve the issue let’s look at do you really need a joint account to cash a two-party check. 

Do You Need A Joint Account To Deposit A Check With Two Names?

You don’t necessarily need a joint account to cash a check with two names. 

Yes, having a joint account makes depositing a check with two names much easier. However, it’s not a mandatory thing. The mandatory requirement is both parties either have to agree or be present while cashing the check. So, Can I deposit a two-party check into my bank account?

Can You Put A Check In Joint Names Into A Single Account?

Yes, you can put a check in joint names into a single account. 

Two-party checks do not require a joint account. It can be easily deposited into a single account too. However, before depositing the check both of the payees must endorse the check. Otherwise, a bank or credit union won’t cash it. 

So, any of them can sign the check over to the other person and the other payee can deposit it into his/her bank account. As a result, both of the payees do not even need to be present at the bank to deposit the check.  

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However, if the check fund is large then the bank might ask both parties to be present. So, it’s better to call the bank beforehand and find out if both of the payees need to be present.  

How Do I Deposit A Joint Check Into A Single Account

Depositing a joint check into a single account is a pretty straightforward process. Here is how to do it

  • First, go to the other payee and tell him/her to endorse the check by signing at the endorsement area. 
  • Then endorse the check yourself. 
  • Go to your bank or credit union with your valid ID card.
  • Tell the bank teller your account number. 
  • Then provide the check along with your ID.
  • Let the bank teller verify the check. 
  • After verifying your check the amount will be deposited to your account. 

Moreover, if there is an “Or” between the checks then anyone can cash the check without the endorsement of the other person.

By now we have found out, a joint account is not a requirement to cash a check with two names on it. It can be cashed using a single account too. So, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to two names on check but no joint account. 

If there are two names on a check who can cash it?

Any one of the payees can cash it. However, before cashing it both payees need to endorse the check. On the other hand, if there is “Or” between the names of the payees then it can be cashed with just an endorsement of one payee. 

Do You Need Both Signatures On A Check With Two Names?

Yes, you need both signatures on a check with two names if the payee’s name is written using “AND”. Otherwise, you don’t need both signatures to cash a two-party check. 

What To Do With A Check That Has Two Names On It?

You can cash or deposit a check that has two names on it. These checks are called two-party checks. It’s better to cash a two-party check at a bank or credit union. Because most grocery stores and check cashing stores might not cash it.  

In Summary 

A two-party check can be confusing for anyone. But you don’t need a joint account to cash it. Moreover, if you do not endorse it properly or try to cash it without the other party’s consent then you might even face legal trouble. So, in case you are having trouble then please consult with an expert. 

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