Third Party Check Cashing- Secrets Tricks To Cash Them Faster In 2024

For faster third party check cashing, go to the check issuing bank or your bank where you have enough balance to cover the check amount.  

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A few months ago, one of my clients gave me a third party check which I gladly received. Little did I know, how much hassle it would cost me. However, from my experience, I have discovered quite a few tricks for faster third party check cashing. 

So, in this post, I will share tricks on how to cash third party checks both offline and online and all the related queries.   

Let’s start with the basics. 

Find Out How to cash a check without ID

What Is A Third Party Check?

A third-party check is a printed or handwritten two-party check which is endorsed to a third person. As a result, the third person can also cash the check other than the original payee. 

Though banks and credit unions are restricting the check endorsement feature. However, if a check has an endorsement opinion at the back of the check then the payee can sign it over to a third party. The third party can then deposit or cash the check, depending on the policies of his/her financial institution.

 Look at the below example to understand it better. 

Third-Party Check Example 

Let’s get back to my story for the example. My client had to pay me $500. However, he did not have cash and forgot to bring his checkbook. However, he had a $500 check in his name.

So, he endorsed the check in my name and signed it. As a result, I have become a payee of the check instead of my client. 

Types of Third Party Checks

Any type of check with an endorsement feature can be turned into a third party check. But the most common ones are 

  • Personal Checks: Backed by the payer’s checking or savings account. 
  • Cashier’s Checks: The fund is assured by the check issuing bank or institution, 
  • Certified Checks:  Though it’s backed by the payer’s checking or savings account, the availability of the fund is assured by the bank.
  • Government Check: Backed by government funds and the safest. 
  • Payroll checks: Issued and blacked by the employer or an institution. 

Though third party checks can come in handy in emergency situations. However, scammers also exploit third party checks a lot. So, most banks or other check-cashing institutions avoid cashing third party checks. As a result, it’s quite a hassle to cash third party checks. 

Some banks and financial institutions accept Cashier’s, Certified, and government third party checks. However, personal third party checks are quite hard to cash. 

Now let’s look at how to cash a third party check.

How To Cash A Third Party Check

Third Party Check Cashing

Cashing a third party check is not as simple as cashing other checks. Because most banks, credit unions, and check-cashing stores do not accept third party checks. But if you find an institution that accepts third party checks then it’s like cashing any other check. 

Here is how to cash a third party check

  • Find out a bank or credit union that cashes third-party checks and ask them if there is any special requirement for the third party check or not. Because different banks have different requirements for third party checks. 
  • After fulfilling the requirement go to the bank or credit union with your valid ID card. 
  • Submit the third party check to the bank teller, give the fee, and show your ID. 
  • After verifying the check, the bank teller will give you the cash. 

However, before going to a bank or credit union, please make sure that institution accepts third party checks. Because I have seen institutions that clearly say they accept third party checks on their website but in reality they don’t. 

Moreover, your check might need to go through multiple verification processes to get approved. So, is there any easy and fast way to cash a third party check? 

Tricks for Faster Third Party Check Cashing

If you don’t want the hassle of looking for banks or credit unions and don’t want to go through multiple verification processes then the below tricks will come in handy

  • Go either to the check issuing bank or to a bank where you have an account. If you go to your bank then make sure you have more balance than the check amount. 
  • Then provide the check and show them your ID. As the check issuing bank already has the payer’s information or your bank has your information. So, the verification process will be simple. 
  • After verifying the check you can move either with a third-party check deposit or get instant cash. 

In case you choose a third party check deposit, then it might take 3-5 days for the money to get added to your account. Do banks still accept 3rd party checks?

Do Banks Still Accept Third Party Checks?

Yes, banks still accept third-party checks. In fact, banks are your best option for cashing a third-party check. Because super shops and other check cashing places are skeptical about cashing third party checks. However, not all banks accept third party checks. Some even only cash third party checks of their customers. So, be share to call them first,. Here is a list of banks that accept third party check deposits.

Banks That Accept Third Party Checks

A few major banks and credit unions accept third party checks. So, what banks accept third-party checks for mobile deposit?

Here is a list of banks that accept third-party checks

  • Bank of America
  • US Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Citibank
  • First National Bank

Below here are credit unions that accept third party checks 

  • Navy Federal Credit Union 
  • Chartway Federal Credit Union
  • Connexus Credit Union

Though all of these banks and credit unions accept third party checks, not all branches of them accept it. So, before going to a branch call them and make sure. 

Moreover, different banks have different regulations regarding third party checks. So, call the bank before someone even endorse the check in your name. But can you deposit a third-party check at an atm?

Can You Cash A Third-Party Check At An ATM?

Yes, you can cash a third party check at an ATM. However, for ATM cashing, you must have an account with the bank and your bank have to accept third party check. 

Moreover, you can’t instantly get cash from an ATM with a third party check. You can only deposit the check at the ATM and it might take 7-10 days for the check to get cleared. So, the money will be added to your account after 7-10 days. 

What App Will Cash a 3rd Party Check?

Currently, there is no trusted third party check cashing app that will cash a 3rd party check. However, you can still your your bank’s online check cashing services if your bank accepts third party checks.

By Now we have found out most of the things about Third party check cashing. Now let’s look at some of the relevant queries.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Does Ingo Cash Third Party Checks?

No, Ingo Money does not cash third-party checks. This means that you can not cash a check on ingo that is made out to someone else, as long as you have the check writer’s permission to cash it. However, you can cash third-party checks at your bank or at some check-cashing shops.

Does Walmart Cash Third Party Checks?

No, Walmart does not accept third party checks. Walmart only accepts pre-printed checks. As someone endorses the check in your name so it’s not pre-printed. You can check Walmart check cashing policy to know more.

Also, Check How to cash a check at Walmart

Does Wells Fargo Accept Third Party Checks?

No, currently Wells Fargo does not accept third party checks. Though Wells Fargo used to accept third party checks. However, they stopped accepting them. You can find more about it on the Wells Fargo check cashing page

Where Can I Cash A Third-Party Check Without An Account? 

You can cash a third party check at any bank or credit union which accepts third party checks. You don’t need to have an account to cash it. However, the easiest option would be to cash the check at the issuing bank.

Does Kroger Cash Third Party Checks?

No, Kroger does not cash third party checks, they do not accept personal checks either. Find out which type of checks Kroger accepts on the Kroger check cashing page.  

Does Pls Cash Third Party Checks?

Yes, Pls cash third party checks at a 2.2% fee. However, Pls will only cash your third-party check if the original check holder endorses the check in front of a Pls location or Pls bank teller. You can find more details on the Pls check cashing webpage.

In Summary 

Cashing a third party check can be tricky and you might need to go the extra mile to cash it. However, if you follow the tricks above then you can cash the check almost instantly. Lastly, it’s not safe to accept a third party check from a stranger. So, be careful. 

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