Fidelity Express Money Order- Comprehensive Guideline In 2024

You can get Fidelity Express money orders from Fidelity agents for a small fee. They charge a small fee and require an ID to purchase a money order. 

In case you are in need of a money order with a low fee then Fidelity Express money order can be a good choice. Because they have one of the lowest fees on the market. But how do you get a Fidelity Express money order? 

Well, we are about to find out. In this comprehensive guideline on Fidelity Express Money Order, I will talk about its fees, requirements, refund policy, and many more. Moreover, I will also answer all the related queries. So, stay with me till the end. 

Find out Where to Get the cheapest Money order?

Does Fidelity Offer Money Orders?

Yes, Fidelity offers both domestic and international money orders through its Fidelity Express service for a low fee all over the United States 

Fidelity Express issues money orders through a network of independent retailers such as check cashing stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores. As a result, their fees and limit both varies depending on your location. However, the Fidelity Express Money order fee is lower than other issuers. 

Most Fidelity Express money order issuers do not cash money orders. They only sell money orders. But Fidelity Express money orders can be cashed at some participating retailer or at a bank. Moreover, Fidelity Express money orders can be used for both business purposes or personal. So, you can use them to pay bills too. 

Fidelity Express Money Order Requirements 

Fidelity Express money order requirements are similar to most other money order issuers. Here are the Fidelity Express money order requirements and policy

  • You need to show your ID to purchase a money order at any Fidelity Express agent location. 
  • You will be required to provide your SSN number if you purchase money orders totaling $3,000.00 or more. 
  • Money orders can be purchased with cash, a check, or a debit card.
  • Money orders are payable to a specific person or organization.
  • You can not add multiple payees to a money order.
  • Money order fees vary depending on your location.  
  • Money orders can be cashed at any bank, retailer, or financial institution.
  • Lost or stolen money orders can be replaced with a fee. 
  • Unused money orders can be refunded if there is no sign or alteration. 
  • Money order payments can not be stopped.

Now that we know the policy and requirements. Let’s look at how can you get a Fidelity money order. 

How To Get a Fidelity Money Order

Getting a Fidelity Express money order is quite straightforward. Here is how you can get a Fidelity Money order 

  • Go to your nearest Fidelity Express location. 
  • Ask the agent for a money order mentioning the price. Also, inform the agent if you want a domestic money order or an international one. 
  • Then fill out the money order. 
  • After filling it out choose your payment method and pay the amount along with the fees. 
  • Let the agent issue your money order. 

That’s how simple it is. But how to fill out a Fidelity Express money order?

How To Fill Out A Fidelity Express Money Order

Fidelity Express money orders are similar to MoneyGram money orders. So, you need to fill them out the same way. Here is how do I fill out a Fidelity money order

  • Immediately after getting the money order write the recipient’s name on the “Pay in the order of section”. 
  • Sing in the purchaser signature section. 
  • Lastly, write your address matching your ID in the “Purchaser Address” section. 

Be very careful while writing the recipient’s name. Because spelling mistakes can make the money order not cashable. 

Fidelity Express Money Order Example

For better understanding here is a Fidelity Express money order sample

fidelity express money order

So, where can I find a Fidelity Express location? 

Fidelity Express Money Order Locations

There are over 2,500 Fidelity Express agents in the South East part of the United States. So, it’s not hard to find a Fidelity Express money order location nearby. You can also use the Fidelity Express Money Order Locations page to find out your nearest agent location. But what about the fee? 

Fidelity Express Money Order Fee

Fidelity Express Money order fee depends on the agent. As Fidelity agents are independent retailers. They can be grocery stores, check cashing shops, money exchanges, and gas stations. 

Fidelity Express money order fees start from $0.50 to $1.00. For domestic money orders, it’s mostly $0.50. On the other hand,  international money orders can cost $1.00 or higher. Prices may vary from store to store. So, please check and find out which fidelity agent has the lowest fee near you. 

Fidelity Express Money Order Limit

Usually, most Fidelity Express agents issue money orders up to $500. However, you can also find Fidelity Express money orders up to $1,000 in some locations. Most agents who issue money orders up to $500 don’t ask for an ID. But it’s better to carry your ID with you. 

On the other hand, international money orders have a $700 limit in most locations. Some locations don’t issue international money orders over $500. 

However, there is no limit on how many money orders you can get from a single agent at a time. But the agent will ask for your Social Security number if you purchase money orders totaling $3000 or more. How can you find Fidelity Express money order status? 

Fidelity Express Money Order Status

Fidelity Express has an online tracking platform. Vist the Fidelity Express Money order status page and put the details to find out your money order status.

You can also call the Fidelity Express money order customer service and provide the below details 

  • The money order serial number
  • The amount of the money order
  • The issue date 

After providing all this information correctly a customer representative will tell you whether the money order is cashed or not. If cashed then they will also tell you the location and time. 

Keep in mind that only the purchaser of the money order can find out the Fidelity Express money order status. Here is the Fidelity Express money order customer service number 800-621-8030. Call this number and find out your Fidelity Express money order status. 

By now we have found out most of the information regarding the Fidelity Express money order. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Where To Cash A Fidelity Express Money Order?

Although, most Fidelity Express agents sell money orders. But only a few cash Fidelity Express money orders. However, you can easily cash Fidelity Express money orders at check-cashing stores, Banks, and Credit Unions. They might charge you some additional fee for cashing the money order. 

Where is the Serial Number on a Fidelity Express Money Order?

For Domestic Fidelity Express money orders the serial number is situated vertically at the leftmost corner of the money order. On the other hand, for international money orders, the serial number is situated horizontally at the top right corner of the money order. 

Do Fidelity Money Orders Expire?

No, Like other money orders, Fidelity Money orders also do not expire. So, you can cash them even after years. However, the money order should not be damaged and there should not be any sign of alteration. 

In Summary

In case Fidelity Express is available in your state then Fidelity Express money orders can be a good choice. Because their money order has the lowest fee. They are widely accepted too.  

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