Does WinCo Cash Checks- Policy, Fees and Hours In 2024

Yes, WinCo cash payroll checks and money orders at all locations. However, the amount you can cash will be limited. 

In case you are looking forward to cash checks and you have a WinCo store nearby then you might be wondering, does WinCo cash checks? 

Yes, WinCo Cash checks. But hold on a second. Because WinCo check cashing policies are unlike any other grocery store. So, in this post, I will explain does WinCo cash checks. If so then what are the WinCo check cashing policy, fees, hours, and everything related to them. 

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Does WinCo Cash Checks?

does winco cash checks

Yes, WinCo cash checks. However, they only cash payroll checks and money orders. 

WinCo is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States. With 138 stores, they operate in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. 

WinCo is known for its low prices and exceptional customer service. Usually, they sell fresh groceries, frozen foods, and lifestyle products. Apart from selling groceries WinCo also provides money services like cashing money orders, and checks and even have in-store ATMs. 

Can I Pay with a Check at WinCo?

Yes, you can pay with a personal or business check at WinCo. However, you must have your ID to pay with a check. 

According to the WinCo payment page, you can pay with cash, checks, debit card, and even with WIC and EBT. So, you can easily pay with checks at WinCo, However, the maximum amount you can pay with a check might vary from store to store. 

Now let’s have a look at the WinCo check cashing policy

WinCo Check Cashing Policy

WinCo check cashing policy is quite different than other stores. Here are the WinCo check cashing policy 

  • WinCo will only Cash printed Payroll checks and Money orders bought from WinCo. 
  • A Customer can only cash payroll checks 2 times each week. 
  • You must purchase a token by paying the check cashing fee beforehand to cash a check. 
  • You must endorse the WinCo store name on the back of the check to cash it. 
  • The checks must be from a US-issued bank. 
  • Your payroll check can not be inter state check.  
  • The check must be in your name and contain your printed address matching your ID. 
  • You must carry a valid government-issued ID for cashing checks. 

Apart from these policies, there might be some additional set of rules for cashing checks depending on your state. What type of ID do they accept? 

Accepted IDs For Check Cashing at WinCo

Here are the accepted form of IDs at WinCo

  • US issued Passports 
  • State ID Card 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Tribal ID cards
  • Resident Alien ID

But What about WinCo check cashing Limits? 

WinCo Check Cashing Limit

WinCo has a fixed $1,000 limit for cashing Payroll checks. Meaning they will not cash payroll checks exceeding $1,000. However, the limit might vary depending on the location. But the maximum limit will be $1,000 in all stores. 

WinCo Check Cashing Fees

WinCo has a token system for cashing checks. So, you need to purchase a token before cashing checks. Here are the two types of tokens 

  1. $5 Token-Applicable for $500 or below checks. 
  2. $10 Tokens- Applicable for checks between $501-$1,000. 

Remember at WinCo, you can not pay the fees with your check amount as the fees will be charged beforehand. So, if anyhow your check bounces then the fees will not be refunded. So, what are the WinCo customer service hours?

WinCo Check Cashing Hours

Although, WinCo is open 24/7. However, you can not cash checks 24/7. To cash checks, you need to go to a WinCo store during their money service hours which is 8 AM to 10 PM. Moreover, the check-cashing hours might vary depending on your location.  

WinCo Check Cashing Near Me 

Compared to other super shops WinCo has only a few stores. Moreover, they only operate in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. So, if you live in one of these states then use the WinCo store locator to find WinCo check cashing near you.  

Does WinCo Have Western Union? 

Yes, WinCo has Western Union in all of its locations. They both buy and sell western union money orders up to a $1,000 limit at all of their locations. To purchase or cash a money order at WinCo you must carry an accepted form of ID. 

How Much is a WinCo Money Order?

Cashing WinCo money orders can cost you $5 for money orders below $500 and $10 for money orders above $500 to $1,000. 

By now we have found the answers to does WinCo cash checks. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked queries related to this topic. 

Is WinCo a cash-only store?

No, WinCo is not a cash-only store. Apart from cash WinCo also accepts checks, debit cards, WIC, and EBT.

Does WinCo Take Credit Cards In 2023? 

No, WinCo does not take credit cards in any of their locations. They only accept debit cards. 

Does WinCo Take Mastercard Debit? 

Yes, WinCo accepts both Visa and Mastercard debit cards at all of their locations. 

Does WinCo Cash Government Checks? 

No, WinCo does not cash any type of government checks. They only cash payroll checks and money orders. 

Does WinCo accept personal checks?

Yes, WinCo accepts personal checks as a form of payment. However, they do not cash personal checks at any of their locations. 

In Summary

Although WinCo cash checks. However, they only accept payroll checks and the fees are quite high. Moreover, you need to pay the fees beforehand. So, only cash payroll checks at WinCo when you have no other options left. 

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