Can You Make Money On Twitch?-Earn While Gaming In 2024

Yes, it’s possible to make money on twitch by being a partner or an affiliate. Moreover, you can also earn by getting Patreon subscribers and selling merchandise on twitch.  

If you are a gamer then you must have heard, “Gaming won’t bring you any money?” 

Well, it’s time to prove them wrong. Because you can earn money by streaming your gameplay on twitch. But can you make real money on twitch? 

Let’s find out. 

Can You Make Money On Twitch? 

Yes, you can make a lot by streaming on twitch.

Can You Make Money On Twitch

Twitch is one of the most prominent streaming platforms for gamers. Aspiring gamers use it to gain reach and build a community. On the other hand, socializer gamers use it to make new friends. 

However, twitch does not only provide gamers a chance to socialize, build community and gain reach. It also helps games earn a lot of money. But how?  

What’s The Difference Between Twitch Affiliate And Partner?

The main difference between twitch affiliates and partners is partners get more revenue and more features as well. 

Here is a comparison chart between Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner

Comparison FactorTwitch AffiliateTwitch Partner
Requirement50 followers, 7 unique broadcast days, and 500 minutes of broadcast time with at least 3 views in the last 30 days. At least 500 followers. 
Subscriptions 1 sub-Emotes 50 sub-Emotes 
AdsNot Available for nowAvailable with premium features. 
Payment Timeframe60 days 45 days
Verified Channel NoYes
Twitch SupportStandard Priority access and access to partnership team. 

These are just the basic difference. More features are added each month. So, please visit the twitch website for details. 

Can You Make Money On Twitch Without Being An Affiliate?

Yes, you can make a decent amount of money on twitch without being an affiliate. 

Twitch affiliate is a twitch program for creators to earn money. However, if a streamer has followers and builds a community then he or she can earn money without being an affiliate. He/she can get sponsors, crowdfund, sell stuff, or start a membership program to earn money. 

Can You Make Money On Twitch Without Being A Partner?

Of course, you can make money on twitch without being a partner.    

Twitch partner is the last step of the twitch creator program. So, if you don’t become a twitch partner you can still earn. 

Without being a partner, you can be a twitch affiliate if you fulfill their requirement. Moreover, you can earn from donations, sponsorships,  selling stuff, and being an amazon associate. But how do you earn from twitch? 

How Can You Make Money On Twitch

How you will monetize your twitch channel entirely depends on how creative you are. Because there are a lot of ways to make money on twitch. I am describing a few popular ones below, the rest is up to you

1. Start a Shoutout Program 

As a beginner, you won’t have many options but to ask your viewers for donations. In return, you can shout out their name or quote their business. For example, Patrixia is a DJ streamer on twitch with 4.3K followers. However, she raises money through shoutouts and donations. 

2. Join Amazon Associate 

As a new streamer on twitch, you can join the Amazon Associate program. Then, use some gaming or other products while streaming and link your affiliate product link. So, when a viewer buys the product by clicking on the link you will earn a commission. 

3. Be a Twitch Affiliate

Once you start to get traction and views on twitch, you can apply for the twitch affiliate program. If you get selected then you can earn from the twitch subscription and twitch bits

4. Become Twitch Partner

If your content is good and you get momentum on twitch then the twitch team will invite you to become a twitch partner. Once you become a twitch partner, you will start generating revenue from Ads too. 

5. Start A Patreon Program 

Twitch is all about building community. If you have successfully become a twitch partner then you must have built a community too. So, start a Patreon membership program. Offer your followers something exclusive in your Patreon channel. Then your followers will join your Patreon and you will earn money.  

6. Sell Merchandise 

You can also sell your own Merchandise when you have grown a lot of followers. 

7. Get Sponsors 

If you become a star streamer on twitch then different companies will sponsor you to make content for them. 

8. Drive Traffic To Other Platforms 

Using your twitch channel, you can also drive traffic to your youtube channel, and blog to earn advertising revenue.  For example, Lewlow has only 3.4k followers but he has driven traffic to his Instagram and got 33k followers while his youtube channel has 8k subscribers. 

These are just a few ways to earn money. If you can successfully build a community then you will discover a whole lot of ways to earn money from twitch.

How Much Does Twitch Pay Per Sub?

Twitch pays its creators 50% of what a subscriber pay for a subscription. 

Unlike youtube, twitch creators get money from their subscribers. Because twitch has special subscription packages for its users. If a user like the content of a creator then the user can subscribe to the creator for a fee. The fee ranges from $5-$25. 

However, twitch only pays 50% of the subscription fee to the creator. For example, a creator has a subscription fee of $10. So, the creator will get $5 for each subscriber he/she gets. But to enable the subscription fee a creator has to be either a twitch affiliate or twitch partner.   

How Much Do Small Twitch Streamers Make?

Actually, it depends on how the small streamer monetized the account. However, a small streamer makes between $50-$2000 per month.  

In twitch, a streamer has the option to monetize his streams by different means and get several revenue streams. So, small twitch streamers can make a lot if he or she has made a good monetization strategy.  Some small streamers even make $2000 plus each month. 

However, on average a small twitch streamer can make between $50-$1500.  

How Many Followers Do You Need On Twitch To Make Money?

You need at least 50 followers to become a twitch affiliate and earn. However, if you have other revenue streams then you can make money from as low as 20 followers. 

You need at least 50 followers to become a twitch affiliate and earn money. However, if you have already created other revenue streams like donations, crowdfunding, and amazon associates, then you can start earning with as low as 15-20 followers. 

How Much Money Do You Make With 50 Followers On Twitch?

With 50 followers on twitch, you can make between $300-$800 each month. 

Having 50 followers indicate that you are just at the start of your twitch streaming life. Because at 50 followers you can officially monetize your twitch channel. So, you can expect to get paid $300-$500 monthly if you put in enough effort. 

However, if you have other ways of monetization and are a dedicated streamer,  then you can expect to earn as high as $1000 plus.  

Is It Easy To Make Money On Twitch?

Making money on twitch is no easy task. You need to give a lot of effort to get to the place where you can earn from twitch. 

It’s always easier said than done. Getting momentum on twitch is a really hard task. Though there is no recent stat on this. But it is estimated that

Around 99% of streamers fail on Twitch. 

Some streamers like Sean Burke have streamed for years with no views. Because getting views on twitch is quite difficult. 

However, if you do something unique and somehow get momentum then there is no going back. 

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