Where To Find AGI On Tax Return?- Briefly Explained In 2024

You can find your 2022 Tax year AGI or Adjusted Gross Income on page 1 line 11 in form Form 1040, 1040-SR, and 1040NR. However, AGI is not available for W2 forms.

If you are electronically filing your tax return or filing tax for the first time then you might be wondering, where do you find AGI on tax return? 

Well, the answer depends on which tax year you are considering. Because the position of AGI can be different depending on the tax year. As a result, finding AGI can be pretty confusing. However, don’t worry. Because in this post I’ll briefly explain, where to find AGI on tax return? Moreover, I’ll also provide an AGI calculator and answer all the related queries. So, stay with me.

What Is AGI On Tax Return?

AGI is the abbreviation of Adjusted Gross Income. It refers to your gross income for a year excluding adjustments to income. 

Adjusted gross income is an important factor when you are filing your tax. Because the IRS uses your prior year AGI to verify your identity. So, without the prior year AGI you can not self-file your tax. 

Moreover, your adjusted gross income also helps the IRS to determine whether you are eligible for any tax benefits, tax deductions, and credits or not. As a result, it directly impacts your tax return and tax refund. 

So, How do I get my AGI from last year??

Where To Find AGI On Tax Return?

You will find your AGI on page 1 line 11 of your  Form 1040, 1040-SR, and 1040NR for the tax year 2020-2021. 

However, to find your previous year’s AGI you need to get a copy of your prior year tax return. Moreover, where to find AGI on 1040 will largely depend on your previous year’s tax return method and the year in which you last filed your tax.

Here are a few ways to find your prior year AGI

  • If you have taken the help of a tax preparer to file your income tax return then contact him/her and get a copy of your tax return. 
  • In case, you have used tax preparation software to file the previous year’s tax return then log into that software and get an electronic copy.

But if you can’t remember or the above methods do not work for you then you can use the old-fashioned way. Which is

  • Call this 800-908-9946 automated phone transcript service and select the “Adjusted Gross Income” line. Then request for Transcript by Mail. But it will take 7 to 10 days to deliver to your address. Or
  • You can log into your Online IRS account and find your AGI on the Tax record option. 

It’s suggested to use the online IRS method. Because sometimes your previous year’s AGI might not match the IRS record. Furthermore, if you are using the same tax preparation software then it will auto-fill your AGI from the prior year’s tax return record.

Lastly, instead of adjusted gross income, you can use the IP PIn program to verify your identity. 

What if You are Filing Tax For the First Time? 

A first-time filer does not require an adjusted gross income to file a tax return. So, if you are 16 and filing taxes for the first time then put $0 in the AGI spot. 

So, what happens if you are a W2 employee? How to find AGI on W2 form?

Where To Find AGI On W2?

Unfortunately, Adjusted gross income is not available in a w2 form. So, if you are a W2 employee then you need to calculate your AGI yourself or include the amount in the W2. 

However, don’t worry. I am providing a simple AGI calculator for you so that you can easily calculate your AGI.  

AGI Calculator

To calculate your AGI you need to find your total taxable income. Your taxable income includes

  1. Wages
  2. Passive Income
  3. Capital gains
  4. Dividends
  5. Retirement distributions

Now everything above and find out your adjustments to income. This will include IRA or 401k contributions, health savings account deductions, self-employment tax, self-employed health insurance, business expenses loan interests, and student loan interest.

Now add all your adjustments too and put them in the below boxes and your AGI will be available in the third box.

Where To Find MAGI on Tax Return?

MAGI or Modified Adjusted Gross Income is not listed on the federal tax return.

MAGI is Adjusted Gross Income added with untaxed foreign income or non-taxable Social Security benefits or tax-exempt interest. However, not all citizens are eligible for it. So, it is not added to the federal tax return. As a result, you can not find MAGI on your Tax return.

In Summary

Adjusted Gross income AGI is crucial for your tax return. So, look at page 1 line 11 of your previous year’s tax form carefully and find it.

If you are having trouble finding your AGI or filing taxes then take the help of a tax preparer.

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