USPS Money Order Refund- Comprehensive Guideline In 2024

To get a USPS money order refund fill out PS Form 6401, pay $6.95 refund processing fees, and wait for the refund request to get accepted. 

Have you lost a USPS money order or lost it? If so then you might be thinking about How to get a USPS money order refund. 

Well, I have got your back. In this post, I will provide a comprehensive guideline on the USPS money order refund process. Moreover, I will also share all the necessary resources and answer all the necessary queries. So, stay here till the end. 

Find out How to Fill out a USPS money order properly 

Can USPS Money Orders be Refunded? 

USPS money Order Refund

Yes, USPS money orders can be refunded. But you need to pay a small processing fee. 

Like other major money order issuers, USPS money orders can also be refunded. They even have lower fees and the easiest process for refunds. This makes them more favorable for people who are in doubt about the usage of the money order.  However, USPS money orders are only refundable in certain cases only. They are

  • Lost, stolen, or destroyed money orders. 
  • Uncashed money orders

However, refund requests for lost or stolen money orders must be made within 1 year of the issue date of the money order. Otherwise, you might not get any refund at all. On the other hand, refund requests for uncashed money orders can be made at any time.

Moreover, refund requests for lost, stolen, or destroyed money orders are subject to an investigation. So, they will take more time to get refunded. 

In case your USPS money order is slightly damaged then you can even change the money order and get a new one for free by any post office. 

USPS Money Order Refund

Before we jump into how to get a USPS money order refund. First, let’s look at the USPS Money Order Refund policy and requirements. 

USPS Money Order Refund Policy

Here are the refund policy along with the requirements for USPS money orders 

  • Only the purchaser of the money order can request a refund. So, you will be required to show your ID for the refund process to start. 
  • Any sign of damage near the amount or recipient’s name would be considered non-refundable.
  • You will only get a refund if the money order has not been cashed or deposited yet. 
  • You might need the purchase slip to fill out the refund request form. 
  • You must request for refund of a lost or stolen money order within 1 year of the issue date. 
  • You have to pay a separate fee for each submitted refund request form. 
  • The processing fee for the refund is non-refundable. 


But what if I lost my USPS money order receipt? Can I request a refund then? 

USPS Money Order Refund Without Receipt

In case you have lost the money order purchase receipt then you must provide the following information correctly to get a refund 

  • The money order Serial number
  • Post office number as shown in the money order
  • The amount of the money order
  • The exact date and time the money order was purchased
  • The name of the sender and receiver

Keep in mind that, all this information has to be correct. Any mistake in these can get your money order refund request rejected. So, be careful. Now let’s look at how to get a USPS Money Order Refund. 

How To Get a USPS Money Order Refund

Here is how you can start the refund process for a USPS money order 

  • First, you need to collect the PS Form 6401 either from a post office or online. 
  • Then you need to correctly fill out the refund request form. 
  • After that go to a post office and submit the form. You might need to show your ID. 
  • Pay the non-refundable $6.95 refund processing fee. You can pay with cash or debit card.
  • Lastly, you need to sit tight until the request is accepted. 

You can also request a refund with the help of a bank. However, it’s better and faster if you initiate the process with the post office. 

USPS Money Order Refund Online

Unfortunately, USPS does not allow online money order refund requests. So, you will need to go to a post office, bank, or rural carrier for a refund. However, you can download the  USPS money order refund request form online. The form contains all the instructions on how to fill it properly. 

Now let’s look at some of the online resources for USPS money order refunds. 

USPS Money Order Refund Request Form

You can get a USPS money order refund request form by visiting the post office website. The refund request for or money order inquiry form is called PS Form 6401. You can also get the PS Form 6401 by visiting a post office. But how do you find out the USPS money order refund status?

USPS Money Order Refund Number

Unfortunately, there is no way to check the USPS money order refund status. However, there is a USPS money order refund number which is 1-866-974-2733. This number is toll-free. So, you can call any time to find out the money order refund status.

By now we have found the process and all the necessary resources for a USPS money order refund. Now, let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

How Long Does It Take For A USPS Money Order Refund?

Usually, a USPS money order refund takes around 60 days. However, if you request a refund for an uncashed money order then it should take less than 60 days. On the other hand, for lost, stolen, or destroyed money orders it takes 60 days or more for the refund. 

How Do I make a USPS request refund: International?

The USPS money order refund request process is the same for both domestic and international money orders. You just need to fill out the form correctly, pay the fees, and wait for the refund. 

How Do I Cash A Money Order That Was Returned To Me?

In case someone returns a money order that you have purchased then you can get a refund by filling out the form for an uncashed money order and paying the fees. On the other hand, if the money order was not purchased by you then you can not get a refund for it. 

In Summary

Although, the USPS money order refund process is comparatively easier and requires less fess. However, PS form 6401 requires a lot of information which can be very hard to fill out without the purchase slip or the money order. So, always preserve the money order purchase slip until the money order is cashed,  

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