What Is A Grace Period On A Credit Card?-Avoid Purchase APR In 2024

What Is A Grace Period On A Credit Card

A grace period is the span of time when your credit card company won’t charge any interest on new purchases. It is usually the time between the end of a billing cycle and the payment due date.  Tired of paying high interest on your credit card?  Well, a credit card grace period can help you. … Read more

What Is A Billing Cycle?- Simply Explained With Examples 

What Is A Billing Cycle

A billing cycle is the time frame between your last statement’s closing date and the current statement’s closing date. It is also known as the statement period and generally lasts between 21-55 days depending on the product or service.   Credit cards are great financial tools if you understand them properly. To understand credit cards you … Read more

What Is Interest Saving Balance?- Simply Explained In 2024

What Is Interest Saving Balance

Interest saving balance is the minimum amount your credit card issuer charges you so that you can avoid paying interest on the balance of your credit card. Moreover, if you pay your interest saving balance then you don’t have to pay interest on new purchases until the due date.   Credit cards are great personal finance … Read more

Why Did I Get An ACH Credit ?

Why Did I Get An ACH Credit

You can get an ACH credit from employer sending you payroll or bonus, stimulus checks, tax refund, government benefits, or even money from a friend. Because  ACH credit or direct deposit happens when someone sends money to your account using the ACH network.  Received an ACH credit but not sure where it came from.  Well, … Read more

What Is A Credit Grantor- Explained with Examples

what is a credit grantor

A credit grantor is a person or institution that grants you credit. A credit grantor can be a credit card issuer, a financial institution, or a company that grants you some sort of credit. In a hurry?Listen to this audio summary However, don’t worry. Because as a financial advisor, I have helped a lot of … Read more

Does Debit Card Affect Credit Score?- Simply Answered In 2024

Does Debit Card Affect Credit Score

No, debit cards do not directly affect your credit score. However, not paying debit card overdrafts can harm your credit score, and only using a debit card can lead you to not building a credit history. Credit scores can be complicated and there is much confusion related to them. One such confusion is, does debit … Read more

Can You Get a Job With Bad Credit?- The Ultimate Truth In 2024

can you get a job with bad credit

Yes, you can get a job with bad credit. However, you can be denied employment due to bad credit in financial positions, managerial positions, law enforcement, and federal jobs.   Looking for a new job but not sure Can You Get a Job With Bad Credit?  Well, you can. However, most people don’t have any … Read more