Getting Fired Before Retirement- The Dos and Don’ts

After Getting Fired Before Retirement, if your age is less than  60 then you might need to find another job, apply for unemployment, find a health insurance solution, etc. If you are above 62 or more then you can apply for Social Security benefits, talk with a financial advisor for managing the 401(k) or your retirement fund, etc. 

According to a study by ProPublica, “Around 56 percent of American people aged 50 or more lose their job at least once before retirement.” 

So, getting fired before retirement is not rare at all. At least not in the United States. But what happens to your pension fund if you get fired before retirement? Or how should you handle it if you are fired just before retirement?  

Don’t worry. In this article, I am going to answer it all and everything related to that situation. So, stick around till the end. 

What Happens After Getting Fired Before Retirement? 

Depending on your age, there can be two situations after you get fired before retirement. They are

  • Firstly, you still did not hit the retirement age. In this situation, you might need to find another job if you are not fully prepared for retirement. You can also apply for unemployment. Moreover, you must need to find a health insurance solution if your health insurance is tied to your job.
  • Secondly, if you are above the retirement age then you can apply for Social Security benefits, consult with a financial advisor for managing the 401(k) or your retirement fund, and may consider Medicaid for health insurance, etc.

No matter how hard you try, there is no guarantee that you can avoid getting fired before retirement. So, instead of advising you on how to avoid being fired before retirement, we will try to eliminate your doubts and provide you with some solutions to protect your interest. 

Let’s start by answering some obvious questions. 

Do You Have To Give Notice When You Retire?

Yes, if you are retiring early then you should give notice when you retire. There is no fixed timeframe for this. However, many employers require employees to give four to eight weeks’ notice before retiring.

However, in the United States, there is no legal requirement to give notice when retiring.

Some employers may also require employees to provide a retirement date. If you are unsure of your employer’s policy, be sure to ask your company’s HR before retiring.

Can You Be Fired After Giving Retirement Notice

To be frank, yes you can be fired after giving retirement notice. Because most US workers are employed at-will. According to the United States Labor Law,

“At-will employment is an employer’s ability to dismiss an employee for any reason, and without warning, as long as the reason is not illegal.”

However, getting fired after giving retirement notice is pretty rare. Because if your employer fires you after the announcement of retirement then your employer has to pay you the unemployment benefits according to company policy. 

But still, an employer has the ability to let you go immediately after you announce your retirement. So, it can still be fired before retirement. Now let’s find out how you can avoid this.

1. Announce Your Retirement In Writing 

Always announce your retirement in writing. Because vocal announcements can be misinterpreted. But if you write it then no one can misrepresent it.

Try to write it in a clear tone and mention why you are leaving and when you intend to retire. This will prevent you from being fired before retirement or after announcing your retirement.  

2. Retire When You Are Fully Ready 

Announcing your retirement 2-3 months or longer before you intend to retire is a responsible thing to do as an employee. However, as we mentioned, your employer can terminate you immediately after you announce your retirement.

As a result, only announce your retirement when your rights are protected and you are financially ready to retire. So that, you don’t face any financial hardship.  

3. Don’t Tell Anyone About Your Retirement Before Announcing 

It’s pretty normal to discuss your retirement with a close colleague. However, doing that before announcing your retirement is not the wisest thing. 

Because we all know how office gossip is. One thing can lead to another and before you know it everyone including your boss will be prepared for your retirement or terminate you long before even you announce it. 

So, never tell anyone you are retiring before announcing it. 

Can You Lose Your Pension If You Get Fired Before Retirement? 

Actually, it completely depends on your pension type and the company you work in. However, there is little or no possibility of losing all your pension funds if you get fired before retirement. 

According to research by the Pension Rights Center,

“Around 22 percent of American workforce is engaged in a workplace pension scheme.”

If you are among these 22 percent then you might be contributing a percentage of your pre-tax salary to a pension plan. Moreover, your employer is also contributing to it. The contribution percentage might vary from organization to organization. 

If you are contributing to a pension plan then you get to keep all your contribution even if get fired before retirement. You might as well get some or all of your employer’s contribution to your pension fund depending on the company policy. 

However, there is a catch. The maturity of your pension plan will depend on how much time you have spent in your company. For most companies, it needs 5-10 years for the pension plan to be 100% vested.

So, if fired before retirement, you will get a percentage of your pension fund according to how much vested your pension fund is. 

Now if you are not among that 22% then you probably have an employer-sponsored 401(k)  retirement plan. So, what happens to it if you are fired just before retirement? 

Can You Keep Your 401(k) After Getting Fired Before Retirement?

Yes, you will be able to keep all your contributions in your employer-sponsored 401(k) if you get fired before retirement. 

Moreover, you might get some of your employer’s contribution too if you are fired right before retirement. But like a workplace pension plan how much of your employer’s contribution you will get depends on how vested your 401(k) plan is. 

Can Your Employer Stop You From Retiring? 

It depends on your employment contract. Normally the retirement age in the US is 66 years. But according to law, you can apply for retirement long before 65.  

But if you are on a special contract with your company and that contract mentions a particular retirement age then your employer can stop you from retiring by law. 

Talk with your company HR in detail for a better understanding of your company policy on the above scenarios.  

Now if you love your job and don’t want to get fired before retirement then what should you do? 

Tips On Avoiding Getting Fired Before Retirement 

There is no guarantee that you can avoid a termination Before Retirement. However, you can try the below

  • Always keep yourself updated about the skills required for your job. Learn new skills if needed. Because no one wants to lose a skilled employee. 
  • Instead of being a regular employee, try to become an asset to your employer.
  • Stay on great terms with your colleagues and employer. Try to join every program and be an essential part of the community.
  • Build a strong network inside your organization so that you know about all the ins and outs of your organization. 
  • Try to join committees of your organization and build an influence inside your company. 
  • Always try to demonstrate your skills and new ideas so that your employer understands your value. 

At this stage, let’s look at what should you do next if you get fired before retirement. 

What Should You Do After Getting Fired Before Retirement?  

To be frank, it depends on your choices and your age. However, I am providing some do’s and don’ts if you get fired before retirement. 

If your age is below 60 and you get fired before retirement then you must do these to protect your interests

  • If you are able to work then look for new employment. Because no matter how much money you have on your hand, it can still be short due to rising inflation. 
  • Apply for unemployment benefits immediately if you get fired just before retirement. 
  • Don’t take your pension fund from your employer in cash without consulting a tax accountant or tax attorney. Otherwise, you might end up facing serious tax penalties. 
  • Don’t withdraw money from your 401(k). If you do then you might face tax penalties. 
  • Consult with a financial advisor for the management of your pension fund. 
  • If you need to move into a nursing home after getting fired then you can follow this guideline to avoid nursing homes taking your house.
  • If your healthcare is tied to your employer and you have a family, take advantage of COBRA Health insurance or Otherwise, find a private healthcare solution. 

Now if you are above 62 or more then you should

  • Apply for Social Security Benefits if you have no other options. Though how much you will get depends on your age.
  • Consult with a tax accountant before withdrawing any money from your 401(k) or pension fund to avoid tax issues. 
  • Find a financial expert or advisor for managing your retirement fund. 
  • Sign up for medicare if you are above 65. If not then use or COBRA if you have a family. Otherwise, find the most suitable private healthcare solution for you. 

The bold letter points are must-dos for protecting your interest. Try to apply those and consult with an expert for suggestions. 

Saving costs is a must-do if you are fired before retirement and do not have enough savings. One way to save costs is to rent a smaller apartment, here is how to rent an apartment as a retiree.

Now let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions.

Do police lose pension if fired?

Actually, it depends on the state. However, in most states police officers don’t lose their pension if fired.

It is a common misconception that police officers forfeit their pensions if they are fired from their jobs. In reality, most police officers are vested in their pensions after five years of service, and even those who are not vested have the option to purchase their pensions. As long as an officer is not convicted of a felony, they will generally receive their pension benefits regardless of whether they are fired or retire.

If you get fired from teaching do you lose your pension

The answer to this question largely depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your termination and the state law.

There are a few factors that will determine whether you lose your pension if you are fired. First, it is important to understand that there are two types of teacher pensions: a defined benefit pension and a defined contribution pension. A defined benefit pension is a pension that pays a predetermined amount of money each month, based on your years of service and salary. A defined contribution pension, on the other hand, is a pension that is based on the amount of money that you have saved over the years.

If you have a defined benefit pension, you are likely to lose some portion of your pension depending on how vested you are. On the other hand, if you have a contribution pension, then you won’t lose anything.

In Summary

Getting fired before retirement is an unfortunate thing. But you have to deal with it smartly if that happens.

Moreover, if you get fired before retirement then consult with a tax consultant and financial advisor to avoid any unwanted situation.  

That’s it for today. Have a great day!

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