Does Ingles Cash Checks- Detailed Guideline In 2024

Yes, Ingles does cash checks at all of their locations. However, Ingles check cashing limit is very low. 

In case you are from the Southeastern region of the United States, then you must be familiar with Ingles. But like other supermarket chains,  does Ingles cash checks?

Yes, but the check cashing method is different than other large chains. So, in this post on does Ingles cash checks, I’ll provide a detailed guideline on Ingles check cashing, their policy, fees, limit, and everything else. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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Does Ingles Cash Checks

does ingles cash checks

Yes, Ingles cashes personal checks and payroll checks at all of their locations. 

Ingles is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Southeastern United States. It is known for its low prices and its friendly customer service. The company also offers a variety of in-store services, such as pharmacies, fuel stations, and optical departments.

Apart from their grocery and fuel services, Ingles also provide money services including check cashing for their customers. But you must be an Ingles Advantage Cardholder to cash checks at their store. 

What Types Of Checks Does Ingles Cash?

Currently, Ingles only cash two types of checks. They are 

  • Personal checks 
  • Payroll checks 
  • Government checks below $250

Although, all Ingles stores cash personal and payroll checks. However, some stores might be skeptical about cashing handwritten personal checks. Moreover, you can not cash two-party or third-party personal checks at Ingles stores. Now let’s look at Ingles check cashing policy.  

Ingles Check Cashing

Ingles check cashing method is different than other check cashing services. So, you must fulfill all of their policies to cash checks at Ingles stores. Here are the Ingles Check cashing policy 

  • You have an Ingles Advantage Card to cash checks at Ingles. 
  • You must carry a government-verified ID. 
  • Payroll checks must be printed. No, handwritten payroll checks are accepted. 
  • Your check can not be older than 30 days. 

These are some of the Ingles check cashing policies. However, it might vary depending on your location.   

Ingles Check Cashing Limit

Although, Ingles check cashing limit varies depending on your location. However, in most locations, the daily check cashing limit is $250 for all checks. Meaning, you can not cash a check higher than $250 in most Ingles locations. 

Some stores might accept checks higher than $250. But it’s applicable for printed payroll and government checks. Personal checks higher than $250 can not be cashed at any ingles location. 

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Ingles Check Cashing Fees

Ingles check cashing fees vary depending on your location. However, here is a chart for the maximum fees for different checks 

Type of checkFees
Personal Checks$3
Payroll Checks$5
Government Checks$2

Fees might increase or decrease depending on your state. Moreover, If you deposit money with a check into your Ingles Advanced Card then it’s free. 

Ingles Check Cashing Hours

You can cash a check at the anytime ingles stores are open. Generally, Ingles stores are open from 7 AM to 11 PM. You can cash your check anytime in between. However, their operating hours might vary depending on your location. 

How do You Cash Checks at Ingles 

If you fulfill all the Ingles requirements then cashing checks are fairly simple. Here is how to do it 

  • Go to an Ingles counter and tell you want to cash a check. 
  • Show your Ingles Advanced Card. if you don’t have one, then you can sign up for free at the Ingles Website
  • Then provide the check and show your ID. 
  • After check verification, the cashier will ask whether you want cash or deposit it into your Advanced card. 

However, some ingles stores might not provide cash instantly. Instead, they deposit the check balance into your Advanced card which can be withdrawn using the Ingles ATM. 

By now we have found out the answer to does ingles cash checks. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Does Ingles Cash Money Orders?

You can only purchase western union money orders at Ingles stores. But you can not cash money orders at any Ingles locations even if you have an Ingles Advanced Card. 

Can You cash Cashier’s Checks at Ingles? 

No, you can not cash cashier’s checks at ingles locations. They only cash payroll, government, and personal checks. 

Does Martins Cash Checks?

Yes, Martin Food stores cash personal checks and payroll checks for a fee. The check cashing fees and limit at Martin Food Stores depend on your location.  

In Summary

Although, the check cashing scope at Ingles is limited as you need an Advanced Card and the limit is low. However, the deal is still great. Because Ingles is already an affordable store and with Ingles cards they offer even more discounts and points. Moreover, you can deposit checks for free. So, if you have smaller checks then ingles might be a good choice. 

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