What Does Living Paycheck To Paycheck Mean- Briefly Explained In 2023

What Does Living Paycheck To Paycheck Mean

Living paycheck to paycheck refers to people whose entire salary is devoted to the necessary expenses, who have little or no savings and emergency funds. In case of emergency, they either need to borrow or wait for the next paycheck. For the past couple of years, we all have heard the phrase living paycheck to … Read more

What Is The Last Step In Planning Your Budget- Expert Answer In 2023


Monthly reviews and adjustments should be the last step of your personal budget. Because it helps you to analyze your monthly costs for the month, identify your spending habits, cut unnecessary expenses and make your budget more efficient.  However, this is not all. There are more advantages to it. What are they? Well, that’s what … Read more

60 30 10 Rule Budget- The Get Rich Quick Budget In 2023

60 30 10 Rule Budget

With a 60 30 10 rule budget, you have to use 60% of your take-home income on savings, invest or pay off debt, 30% for your regular needs, and 10% on wants. In a hurry?Listen to this audio summary Financial hardships can come to anyone. As a financial advisor, I am not excluded. However, 60 … Read more

Why Is Financial Literacy Important?- A Must Read For Survival In 2023

Why Is Financial Literacy Important

Financial literacy is important because it provides essential knowledge and skills to manage your personal finances, help to make informed financial decisions, and better prepare for the future. Are you always tired of keeping up with the expenses while the rich people are getting richer?  It’s because rich people are more financially literate. That’s why … Read more