Cashier’s Check Vs Certified Check- Detailed Comparison In 2024

While the cashier’s check is drawn directly from bank funds, certified checks are drawn from a person’s bank account 

Did someone offer you to pay either via a cashier’s check or a certified check? But you don’t know which one is best for you. 

Well, don’t worry. Because in this comparison of cashier’s check vs certified check, I will write on every little aspect of both. Moreover, I will also add a Cashier’s check vs certified check cost comparison, availability, and everything related to them. So, stay here till the end. 

Let’s start by finding out are certified check and cashier check the same. 

Find out how to get a certified check 

Are Certified checks and Cashier checks the Same?

No, Certified checks and cashier’s checks are not the same. 

Though certified checks and cashier’s checks might seem the same check. Because both of them are guaranteed by the bank, can not be canceled once paid or lost and used for large purchases. However, they are not the same at all.

Certified checks and cashier’s checks have a lot of differences in terms of structure, where the money is drawn from, fees, withdrawal, and many more. So what are the differences between Certified checks and cashier’s checks?

Cashier’s Check Vs Certified Check

cashier's check vs certified check

Here is a basic comparison table between Cashier’s Check Vs Certified Check. 

Comparison FactorCashier’s checksCertified checks
Definition Cashier’s checks are pre-paid checks issued, signed, written, and payment guaranteed by banks. Certified checks are written and signed by an account holder but verified and payment is guaranteed by a bank.
Fund SourceThe fund of a cashier’s check is paid in advance. As a result, when cashed the fund directly comes from a bank’s fund.The fund of a certified check comes directly from a personal or business account. However, the money is on hold by the bank. 
Special Security Features Special watermark and bank stamp along with the signature of a bank representative.  No special watermark. It contains a bank stamp and the signature of a representative. 
Availability Available in almost all banks or credit unions. Not all banks or credit unions offer it. 
CostUsually, banks charge $7-$15 for a cashier’s check depending on the check amount. Some banks offer it to their customer for free while some charge $8-$15.  
Requirements Must need a valid ID to purchase and cash one. A Bank account is not required. In most cases, an ID is not needed to get one but must need to cash one. Moreover, a bank account is mandatory. 
LimitThere is not limit. There might be a limit depending on your bank. 
Cashing Can be cashed at any bank, or credit union. Moreover, most grocery stores, online money apps and check cashing stores cash it. Most banks and credit unions cash it. However, grocery stores and online money apps might not cash them. 
Cancelation Can not be canceled once paid. But can be canceled if lost. Can not be canceled once paid. However, can be canceled if lost or destroyed. 
RefundNot easy to get a refund if the check is lost. Might need to wait for 90 days. Even if it’s not lost then it might take 30 days for a refund.Easy to get a refund if the check is unpaid and not lost. But you need to wait 90 days if the check is lost.  
Reliability It can be quite hard to forge a cashier’s check for special security features. But it’s easy to verify it.Easy to verify but quite easy to forge too. 

As different banks have different regulations, So, some of the above information might vary depending on your bank. 

By now we have found out the differences between a cashier’s check and a certified check. But which is better certified or a cashier’s check?

Which Is Better Certified Or a Cashier’s Check?

Both cashier’s checks and certified checks are quite secure. However, in terms of availability and cashing time cashier’s check is better. 

Cashier’s checks and certified checks both serve almost the same purpose which is payment assurance. Their issuing method might be different but they are both secure and serve their purpose well. 

However, cashier’s checks will get cleared fast. Because the fund is drawn directly from a bank. On the other hand, a certified check is still a personal check with extra security. As the funds will be drawn from a personal account it might take more time to get cleared. 

Moreover, certified checks are not available at every bank and grocery chains along with online money apps might not cash them. But cashier’s checks are widely accepted both physically and online. 

Keeping these facts in mind I think a cashier’s check will be a better and more flexible option for receiving large payments. 

By now we have found out between cashier’s check vs certified check, which one is better. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Why Is a Cashier’s Check Better?

Cashier’s checks are better because of their security, availability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. But they have issues too. 

What Is the Downside Of Cashier’s Check?

If lost, stolen, or destroyed cashier’s checks can be very hard to get a refund. You might need to wait for 90 days or more to get a refund. 

Is A Cashier’s Check 100% Safe?

Like other financial products cashier’s check is not 100% safe. It’s because they can be faked by scammers too. So, please verify a cashier’s check before accepting. 

In Summary

Though, both certified checks and cashier’s checks are more secure than other checks and serve the same purpose. But their fund source, cost, issuing, and availability are quite different. So,  in case you need to choose one then choose the one most suitable for your needs. Just never forget to verify the checks. 

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