Can You Make Money On Reddit?- Honestly Answered in 2024

Yes, you can make money on Reddit by doing micro jobs, surveys, bringing traffic to your website, and with the right skillset, you can even get hired on Reddit. 

Are you looking for some ways to make a quick buck online?   

Then Reddit can be the perfect place for you. But how can you make money on Reddit? 

Well, that’s what I am going to answer in this post. So, stay with me till the end.

Can You Make Money On Reddit?

Though Reddit does not pay Redditors any money for creating content. However, there are a ton of earning opportunities on Reddit.

Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet”. To some extent it’s correct. Because on Reddit you can dive into anything. But do people make money on Reddit?

Yes, a lot of people earn actual bucks from Reddit. However, Reddit only provides karma, not actual money.

As a result, people have to follow different strategies to earn money on Reddit. But what are they? How can you make money from Reddit? 

Let’s find out. 

How To Make Money On Reddit In 2022

To earn money from Reddit, you need to be a part of some subreddits. Here I am providing a list of works that you can do and the subreddits associated with them. 

1. Make Money On Reddit Without skills

You can earn money on Reddit without any hard skills. You just need to complete some tasks to earn money. These tasks include

  • Writing short reviews 
  • Participating in surveys
  • Selling gift cards 
  • Get paid to post on Reddit
  • Opening accounts on certain platforms
  • Data entry
  • Ad view and clicking tasks

To participate in these tasks you have a lot of time and patience. Moreover, these tasks are often underpaid and sometimes you will get paid in coupons and gift cards. 

Here is a list of subreddits where you can find these odd jobs

  1. r/SlaveLabour
  2. r/BeerMoney
  3. r/SignupsforPay
  4. /r/QMEE
  5. r/GiftCardExchange

2. Make Money On Reddit With Skills 

A skilled person always gets jobs. The same thing goes on Reddit. Because there are a lot of subreddits targeting particular skills and redditors all over the world hire or get hired from these subreddits. These jobs include 

  • Programming 
  • Designing or visual effects
  • Writing
  • Proofreading 
  • Online Tutoring
  • Web Designing
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Digital Marketing  

So, if you have any of the above creative or technical skills then you can earn a satisfactory amount from reddit. However, you might get paid less or get scammed on these jobs. 

Here is a list of subreddits where you can get hired for skilled jobs

  1. r/ProgrammingTasks
  2. r/DesignJobs
  3. r/HireAWriter
  4. r/Freelance
  5. r/forHire
  6. r/WorkOnline
  7. r/Jobs4BitCoins

3. Earn Passive Income From Reddit 

You can earn money from Reddit even if you already have a job. With the current inflation, side jobs have become a regular thing. So, if you are looking for a side hustle or passive income ideas then Reddit got you covered. Here are some of the side jobs you can find on Reddit 

  • Affiliate programs 
  • Selling stuff on Etsy tips
  • Investment ideas and insights 
  • Online Course making tips 
  • Selling photographs or paintings
  • Flipping retail products

These tasks often bring a good amount of passive income if you are careful and skilled. Here are a list of subreddits where you get passive income

  1. r/Passive_Income
  2. r/SideHustle 
  3. r/WallStreetBets
  4. r/RemoteWork

4. Make Money On Reddit By Promoting Your Business Or Blog

If you do blogging or have an online business then Reddit can be a goldmine for you. 

Because according to strartupbonsai

Reddit gets 166 million active users every month.

Moreover, it has a lot of subreddits specializing in particular topics. All of these subreddits have a lot of redditors interested in that topic. As a result, you can get a niche audience or customer base from Reddit. 

All you need to do is be active on these subreddits, follow the community rules, comment on posts and post interesting stuff on a regular basis. And in those interesting stuff, you post just insert your website link every now or then.  It can double or triple your blogging income or sales. 

These are some of the ways of making money from Reddit. However, like other online platforms, Reddit is also full of scammers.

Things to Keep in Mind for Making Money from Reddit

Here are some must do’s if you don’t wanna get scammed on Reddit.

  • Never pay any Redditor for investing and do not take any investment advice from random Redditors without verifying.
  • Do not provide your sensitive personal details to anyone.
  • Before completing a task or job do some background research and make sure that your employers will pay. 
  • Do not rush, be patient
  • Always try to abide by the subreddit rules otherwise you will be kicked out.
  • Never spam on the platform. If you do so your account will be suspended.

Follow the above rules and you will be fine on reddit.

Now that we know the answer to Can you make money from Reddit? So, it’s time to look at some frequently asked questions. 

Can You Make Money On Reddit Live?

Reddit does not pay redditors for Reddit live. However, if you stream interesting things and you have a follower base or fan base then you can earn from reddit live. 

Reddit live is a Reddit streaming feature introduced during the pandemic. Though it was introduced only for fun. However, if you are a gamer or a person with a particular skill set then you can stream and get paid from your community or follower base.    

Can You Make Money On Reddit Awards?

No, it’s not possible to earn money on Reddit awards. However, Reddit awards can provide you with some extra benefits on Reddit.  

Reddit provides an option for awarding someone where a user can award another user an award. There are different types of awards and these awards will provide the user with some benefits.  

Though awarding someone will cost a Redditor some money. However, these awards do not provide any money and a user with an award can not sell the award. 

In Summary 

Reddit is a great platform to spend your time on. If used properly then you can also earn money from it. However, always be careful on Reddit as scamming is pretty common and it is not recommended to follow investing suggestions from Reddit. 

I hope this post on can you make money on Reddit has helped you. Be sure to comment if you have any other queries. 

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