Can You Make Money From Pinterest?

Yes, it’s possible to make money directly from Pinterest by participating in the creator rewards program. However, you must fulfill some criteria for joining. Moreover, you can also make money from Pinterest by driving traffic to your blog or e-commerce and promoting products or services. 

Love spending time on Pinterest? Then why not make it a side hustle? 

Yes, you heard it right. You can spend time on your favorite app and also make money. But how do you make money from Pinterest? 

Well, we are about to find out. Because in this article, I am providing a brief discussion on can you make money from Pinterest. If so, then how? What are the ways to monetize your Pinterest account and all the related questions. So, stay with me till the end.   

Can You Make Money From Pinterest?

Yes, you can make money from Pinterest. However, to make money on Pinterest you will need the right combination of creativity, great ideas, and expertise on a particular topic.   

Make money using pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media platform where users come to share a variety of ideas, such as recipes, fashion ideas, DIY, or home improvement tips. Moreover, many people use Pinterest to find new ideas for things they want to buy. So, why not use it to your advantage?   

Moreover, according to Sprout Social,

Almost 45% of the High and middle-income American population is active on Pinterest and 90% of them love shopping. 

So, you can guess if you create interesting, engaging pins and ideas that people will love to share, then there is a high chance it might bring sales. All you need is great ideas to attract people. 

Lastly, Pinterest launches the Creator Rewards Program every now and then. In case you are eligible for it then you can make money from this too. But does Pinterest pay you for views? 

Does Pinterest Pay You For Views?

No, Pinterest does not pay for views. However, in the creator reward program of Pinterest, you might get paid for views but it depends on the campaign. 

Like other platforms, Pinterest does not pay users directly for views. However, there can be exceptions to the Creator Rewards Program. Because the creator rewards program gives the participants unique tasks for each campaign. When a creator fulfills the task he gets a certain amount. 

In these campaigns, sometimes creators are given a task to bring a certain amount of views to their content and if fulfilled they get paid. 

So, how to make money on Pinterest? 

How To Make Money on Pinterest 2022

Selling or promoting products, joining affiliate programs, participating in Creator Rewards Program, providing marketing services for brands on Pinterest, and managing Pinterest accounts are some of the ways of making money on Pinterest in 2022

Though tips for making money on Pinterest deserve a special guideline. I might write about it later. However, here are a few ideas about how to make money on Pinterest

  • Firstly, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website and earn money through advertising or affiliate marketing.
  • Then you can get affiliate links from brands, promote their products and get a good old cut for each product sold by your link.   
  • If you have an e-commerce or DIY shop then you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your eCommerce website, sell products and make money. 
  • In case you manage to make a lot of followers on Pinterest then you will get sponsors too. 
  • If you are successful on Pinterest then you can sell a Pinterest marketing course and make money from it. 
  • You can manage a Pinterest business account for people and charge for it.  
  • Lastly, you can join the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program to get some bucks.

These are just a few ways to make money on Pinterest. Once you start monetizing your Pinterest account you will find many more ideas.  

Can You Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog? 

Yes, it’s possible to make money on Pinterest without a blog. To make money on Pinterest without a blog, you just have to be good at marketing products and services for brands. 

As I have mentioned, there are many ways of making money on Pinterest. Though one of them is promoting a blog. However, if you don’t have a blog then you can make money too.

You just need to have the right amount of traffic. Then you need to contact brands of your topic. Then make sponsored content for them. Moreover, you can join affiliate programs too. Furthermore, you can earn directly from Pinterest too. So, how many followers do you need? 

How Many Followers Do You Need On Pinterest To Make Money?

Actually, there is no certain number for it. But it will require a decent amount of followers to make money on Pinterest. However,  the thigh that matters the most is how good your contents are. 

While there is no definitive answer to this question, it is generally accepted that you need to have a sizable following on Pinterest in order to make money from the platform. 

This is because, whether you operate as a business, blog, or brand, you need to be able to reach a large number of people in order to generate significant sales. 

How Much Does Pinterest Pay Creators?

Actually, it depends on the content, reach, and campaign of the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program. But it can be $150-$1300 depending on the campaign goal. 

Pinterest only pays users participating in the Creator Rewards Program. Like any other reward program, it will provide you with some targets. Depending on how well you fulfill the targets you will get paid. Generally, the amount is between $150-$1300. 

In Summary   

Pinterest is a great platform to promote businesses. So, it can be a great source of traffic and revenue for both your business and the business you are promoting. Just be sure to use it wisely, and maintain community guidelines. Otherwise, your account might get suspended. 

I hope this post on Can You Make Money From Pinterest is helpful to you. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments. 

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