Can A Cashier’s Check Bounce- All You Need To Know In 2024

No, a cashier’s check can not bounce as long as it is valid. However, fake cashier’s checks will bounce. 

Are you getting paid with a cashier’s check? Then you might be wondering, can a cashier’s check bounce? 

No, usually it can not bounce. However, there might be some situations where it can bounce. So, in this post, I will briefly answer, Can a cashier’s check bounce? If so, then what are the situations, how can you avoid them, and everything related to it?  

First, let’s have a look at what is a cashier’s check?  

Find out can a cashier’s check be cancelled 

What Is A Cashier’s Check?  

A cashier’s check is a secure check that is fund-guaranteed by a bank. Because the fund is drawn on the bank’s own funds, not from a personal or business account. Cashier’s checks are signed by a cashier or teller on behalf of a bank or credit union. 

As a result, cashier’s checks are considered a very safe and secure form of payment, especially for large amounts of money. So, people use it for making large purchases like cars, houses, tuition fees, and many more. But Can a cashier’s check bounce?

Can A Cashier’s Check Bounce

can a cashier's check bounce

No, generally a cashier’s check can not bounce until it is expired. However, if the issuing bank goes out of business then it can bounce. 

Cashier’s checks are trusted for large payments because they can not bounce. A check bounces when the check-issuing bank account does not have sufficient balance. However, the funds in a cashier’s check are drawn directly from a bank’s fund, not from an individual account. 

Moreover, the fund in a cashier’s check is paid beforehand by the check purchaser to the check issuing bank. So, a cashier’s check can not bounce. Cashier’s checks can not even be canceled after it’s paid. 

But if someone has a cashier’s check with no expiry date and the issuing bank goes out of business then a cashier’s check can bounce. So, Can anything go wrong with a cashier’s check?

Can Anything Go Wrong With A Cashier’s Check?

Although, nothing should go wrong with a cashier’s check. But no product is perfect, and neither the cashier’s check is.  So, in some rare situations, a cashier’s check can cause issues too. Here are some of them

  • When the payer misspells the recipient’s name and the recipient’s ID does not match with the cashier’s check name then it can be quite hard to cash the check. 
  • In case the check gets lost or stolen then it can be pretty complicated to cancel the check and get a refund. 
  • If a scammer convinces someone to pay via a cashier’s check for a fake product or service then it can be almost impossible to get the money back. 

Here are some situations when a cashier’s check can cause you trouble. But how can a cashier’s check bounce?

How Can A Cashier’s Check Bounce

Though there is little or no possibility of a cashier’s bouncing. However, in the below two situations, a cashier’s check can bounce 

  1. In case you get a fake cashier’s check then the check will surely bounce. 
  2. A cashier’s check with a long expiry date or no expiry date can bounce if the issuing bank goes out of business. 

In only the above two situations a cashier’s check can bounce. Apart from these two if you fail to provide a valid ID when cashing the check then a bank might refuse you to pay the check fund. But how can you verify a fake cashier’s check?  

How To Verify A Cashier’s Check   

It can be pretty hard to copy a cashier’s check. However, some fraudsters try to pull this off because most of us do not have enough idea how a real cashier’s check should be. So, here are some ways to detect a fake cashier’s check 

  • All cashier’s check comes with hidden watermarks, microprints, and special marks. Look at the check carefully and try to match it with a cashier’s check from the check-issuing bank. 
  • Check for spelling mistakes. 
  • The most secure way to verify it is to call the check issuing bank with the check number or visit the bank to verify if the check is authentic or not. 

If you follow the above instructions properly then you can easily verify a cashier’s check before receiving it. 

Can A Cashier’s Check Have Insufficient Funds?

No, a cashier’s check can not have insufficient funds. Because the check amount is paid beforehand and the check fund is drawn from a bank’s fund, not from personal bank accounts. 

However, the check cashing bank might hold the check amount for some time. As cashier’s checks contain large amounts, most banks take time to verify the check and release the check funds in small installments.  

By now we have found the answer to Can a cashier’s check bounce or be Cancelled. Now let’s look at some of the related queries. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic. 

Who is the Remitter On a Cashier’s Check?

The payer or the person who purchases the cashier’s check is the remitter of a cashier’s check. Although the check fund is secured by the bank but the bank is not the remitter, the payer is. 

Can a Bank Verify Funds On a Cashier’s Check?

Banks do not need to verify the funds of the cashier’s check. Because the fund is secured by the check-issuing bank. So, the check cashing bank just verifies the authenticity of the check.  

What is the Maximum Amount for a Cashier’s Check? 

It depends on the policy of the check-issuing bank. As cashier’s checks are used for large purchases usually there is no maximum amount for a cashier’s check. However, different banks have different policies regarding this. 

In Summary

In case you are scared that your cashier’s check might bounce then stop worrying. Because authentic cashier’s checks can never bounce. Just be sure to verify the check before accepting it. 

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