Does Stop And Shop Cash Checks- Everything You Need To Know In 2024

Yes, stop and shop cash checks. However, you will need prior approval for cashing checks; they only cash two types.

In case, you are from the Northeastern United States, then you should be familiar with Stop And Shop chain. But like other retail chains, does stop and shop cash checks?

Well, we are about to find out. Because in this post, I will write all about stop & shop check cashing, their policy, limit, and all the related queries. So, let’s dive in. 

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Does Stop And Shop Cash Checks

does stop and shop cash checks

Yes, shop and stop cash checks. However, their check cashing policy is a bit different than other retail chains. 

Stop & Shop is a popular choice in the northeastern United States because of its competitive prices, and convenient locations. The company offers a wide variety of products and always tries to provide the best shopping experience for its customers. 

Like other stores. Stop and Shop also offers check cashing services. But they only offer this service to their membership card holders. The fee is quite low too. So, do they accept any type of checks? 

Can I Cash any Check at Stop and Shop?

No, you can not cash any type of check at Stop and Shop. You can only cash two types of checks at Stop and Shop. They are 

  1. Government checks
  2. Payroll Checks

Though Stop and Shop accept checks. However, to avoid check frauds they only accept Government checks and Payroll checks. The government checks include 

  • Tax Refund checks
  • Social Security Checks 
  • Welfare checks 

They accept any type of government checks and only pre-printed Payroll checks. So, what is the stop & shop check cashing policy? 

Stop And Shop Check Cashing Policy 

Stop and Shop check cashing policy is for members only. So, you need to become a member to cash checks at Stop And Shop. However, their check cashing fee is pretty low and there is no membership fees. 

Here is How to become a member at Stop and Shop

  • Go To the Stop and Shop Membership Page.
  • Enter your details. 
  • Submit a picture of your Valid ID. 
  • Then Hit submit.   

Within a few weeks, you will get your membership request will be approved and you will get a membership card via Mail. This will also work as the Stop and Shop cash back debit card. But How do you cash checks at Stop and Shop? 

How To Cash Check At Stop And Shop 

Here is how to use Stop & Shop check cashing

  • Go to the nearby Stop & Shop store along with your ID, Membership Card, and check.
  • Your check has to be either a government check or a payroll check. 
  • Then head towards the customer service desk.
  • Give the cashier, your endorsed Check, and membership card. 
  • Then show a valid ID. 
  • After verifying the check the cashier will provide you the cash. 

Easy, right? 

But what about the check cashing limit? 

Stop And Shop Check Cashing Limit

Unfortunately, the Stop and Shop check cashing limit is quite low. They only cash checks below $500. So, even if you have a government or payroll check but if it exceeds $500, it can not be cashed at Stop and Shop. But what about the fees? 

Stop And Shop Check Cashing Fees

For any checks, Stop and Shop has a fixed fee and it’s only $0.50. Even though Stop and Shop cashes small checks but the fees are quite lower than any other check cashing place. Because normally check cashing spots charge 1%-5% of the check amount. So, it’s still a win. 

Stop And Shop Check Cashing Time

If you are a member then you can cash checks at any time the customer service desk is open. Meaning you can cash checks from 8 am to 9 pm during weekdays and 10 am to 8 pm on weekends. However, Stop and Shop opening and closing hours are different in different regions. So, the check cashing time might vary.

As a result, it’s better to check on the Stop and Shop opening and closing hours before going for cashing checks.

By now we have found the answer to does stop and shop cash checks. Now, let’s have a look at some of the related questions. 


Here are some of the frequently asked queries related to this topic 

Can I Cash A Handwritten Check At Stop And Shop? 

No, you can not cash a handwritten check at Stop and Shop even if the check is a payroll check or government check. Because Stop and Shop only cash pre-printed checks. 

Does  Stop And Shop provide refunds In Check?

No, Stop and Shop provides refunds on their membership card. They do not use checks for providing refunds. 

Can a Cash Check at Any Branch of Stop And Shop?

Any branch of Stop And Shop that have a customer service desk will cash a check for sure. Unlike other chains Stop And Shop has both big stores and small neighborhood shops. As a result, not all their branches have customer service desks.

In Summary

Though Stop and Shop only cash two types of checks and there is a low check cashing limit. However, their check cashing fee is the lowest and their service is quite good. So, in case you have a Stop and Shop store in your neighborhood then you can get a Stop and Shop Membership card and cash checks at the lowest fees. 

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